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UK Businessman Launches ‘a Thousand Thanks’ – £1,000 Cash Gifts To Frontline NHS Workers


By Dave Saunders | UPDATED: 08:28, 05 May 2020

A UK businessman has today launched a daily raffle to reward hard working frontline NHS workers with £1000 in cash.

The initiative – ‘A Thousand Thanks’ – will allow our most deserving NHS heroes battling the coronavirus to step forward and enter a free daily draw to win £1000 and was set up Kyle Jordan, founder of Good Good, a company that raises money for global charities.

‘A Thousand Thanks’ has been established to put cash directly into the pockets of our brave NHS workers so they can treat themselves to something special, or help meet essential bills.

It’s a thank you to our heroes who are sacrificing so much and are putting their own lives at risk for us all.

A Thousand Thanks is the brainchild of Kyle Jordan, the son of F1 legend Eddie Jordan, and his brother-in-law Steve Aspinall who set out to find a way to directly reward brave workers putting their lives at risk to protect the public.

The pair approached Eddie who was quick to support the campaign. Eddie said: “Kyle’s initiative is not replacing the amazing fundraising going into the NHS, this is something different, this is something from the people to the people, as a thank you for everything the amazing teams on the ground are doing for the country day after day.”

He added: “We have a chance to harness the spirit of the nation. We see it every Thursday night with the clapping and the cheering in the streets – now we can say thank you in another way, in a way that we hope will help ease the strain for as many of our frontline heroes as possible in this incredibly difficult time.”

Kyle said: “So far we have £50,000 with a further pledge of £50,000 to give away starting today (Monday May 4) and we are hoping this will get bigger and bigger to allow us to give away more money. Let’s shoot for the stars with this fun daily raffle and see how many of the 1.5m NHS heroes we can send our Thank Yous to.”

Kyle, his brother in law Steve and Eddie have all personally donated to the raffle fund and they are using Kyle’s company website as a landing page for eligible NHS workers.

Every day FIVE names will be chosen at random and they will each get £1000 tax free cash in their bank as a thank you for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic. This daily giveaway will continue until they run out of cash.

Kyle Jordan who founded Good Good, a company that raises money for charity by offering once in a lifetime experiences added: “We couldn’t think of a better use of our infrastructure at this time.

100 per cent of all donations we receive will go to the NHS staff. Good Good will pick up the running costs of the campaign.

“We just need NHS staff to visit the website GoodGoodGiving and register their NHS ID number and contact details for a chance to win one of the £1000 cash prizes. It’s really that simple.”

Kyle is calling on other industry leaders, wealthy individuals, members of the public and celebrities – all walks of life – to add to the prize fund allowing more and more workers to be rewarded for their life-saving work.

Donate what you can, the more money that’s raised the more daily raffle cash prizes can be given to the men and women working to keep us safe.

How it will work:

Step 1: Go to the GoodGoodGiving website:

Step 2: Click on ‘SIGN UP’

Step 3: Register your NHS details, name and contact information.

Best of luck!

For more information visit