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Celebrating Excellence: Highlights From The 2023 England Squash Awards

MOTY boys

The 2023 England Squash Awards have once again shone a spotlight on the outstanding contributions and achievements within the vibrant squash community across England.

Held to recognize the relentless dedication of clubs, coaches, volunteers, and players, this year’s awards showcased remarkable initiatives and remarkable talent that have transformed lives and propelled the sport forward.

Among the distinguished winners was Abbeydale Squash and Fitness Club, hailed as the Club of the Year for its unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Through targeted programs, the club has significantly boosted female participation, achieving a commendable gender balance on its committee.

Notably, the establishment of ‘Squash from the Mosque’ sessions has provided a welcoming space for Muslim women, fostering a community of 36 members.

Coach of the Year, Bob Aynsley, earned recognition for his tireless efforts in driving participation. His innovative coaching program, ‘Give Squash a Try,’ witnessed a doubling in participation, while his involvement in launching the Ladies League has further enriched the squash landscape.

Pauline Young, honoured as Unsung Hero of the Year, has been instrumental in introducing squash to local primary schools, touching the lives of over 260 school children, including those with learning challenges.

Malikah Khan’s commendable initiative targeting women and the deaf community secured her the Community Project of the Year award.

Her squash and badminton groups have not only promoted inclusivity but also provided a sense of belonging for deaf participants.

Finlay Stott’s remarkable dedication during adversity earned him the Young Volunteer of the Year award.

Despite facing a devastating flood, Stott’s resourcefulness and resilience ensured the continuity of activities at Duffield Squash Club.

Emily Coulcher-Porter and Mitaire Onoge emerged as shining stars, each receiving the Rising Star of the Year award in their respective categories.

Coulcher-Porter’s stellar performance at junior level and Onoge’s promising talent demonstrate the bright future of English squash.

The unforgettable Moment of the Year celebrated England’s European team’s double triumph in Helsinki, showcasing the nation’s prowess on the international stage.

Mark Williams, CEO of England Squash, lauded the dedication and achievements of the squash community, emphasizing the sport’s commitment to diversity and accessibility. A

s squash prepares for an exciting journey within the Olympic cycle, Williams expressed optimism for the continued growth and development of the sport.

The 2023 England Squash Awards stand as a testament to the passion, innovation, and inclusivity driving the sport forward.

As the community continues to thrive, these accolades serve as inspiration for future generations of squash enthusiasts.

For further details about the winners, visit England Squash.