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The Nike 2021-22 Third Kits Bring the Magic of European Football Nights

third kits

To feel the electricity of a European night match, you have to be there. The 2021-22 third kits translate the local energy of those European evenings into unexpected prints, beautiful palettes and insider detailing to bring fans nearer to their clubs.

The jerseys are made with up to 100 percent recycled polyester fabric from recycled bottles. It’s just one way the beautiful game can make for a more beautiful world.

The kits are available now.

Atlético de Madrid

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 0

The Atlético de Madrid third kit serves as an emblem for what was the club’s home for 50 years, as it combines the red, white and blue of the Vicente Calderón stadium seats.

An icon for the stadium is placed on the inside of the jersey.

FC Barcelona

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 2

FC Barcelona’s 2021-22 third kit includes Blaugrana stripes, each representing five key districts within the city: El Poblenou, El Poble-sec, Gràcia, El Raval and Les Corts.

The designs were created by local youth from each district and are inspired by scarves.

The designs are imbued with graphic elements that channel new, youthful connections to the club.

Chelsea FC

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 1

As a club long associated with fashion and style, Chelsea FC goes bold for its 2021-22 third kits by testing out prints and palettes inspired by London streetwear

The green and black is linked to memorable Nike outerwear pieces, while the orange adds a pop of clashing vibrancy.

The “Pride of London” logo is on the inside of the jersey, serving as a reminder of the club’s values and its status in the capital.

Galatasaray SK

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The faded white base of the 2021-22 Galatasaray SK third kit is inspired by the oldest high school in Turkey, which was envisioned as an institution that would house students from all over the world, diversifying the city while also bringing it closer together. The trim on the collar and the sleeve matches the white base.

FC Internazionale Milano

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 4

FC Internazionale Milano’s 2021-22 third kit highlights the club’s foundational values of inclusion and equality.  

Reaching back to Nerazzurri origins — the club supported the signing of foreign players — the black kit features varying fluorescent colors across a chest band of diagonal stripes. This colour contrast was designed to highlight a history of relationships stretching far beyond nationality, race and gender.

The words “Brothers and Sisters of the World” on the inside collar stand for fraternity.

Liverpool FC

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 5

Liverpool FC’s 2021-22 third kit draws inspiration from one of the most iconic stands in football, the Kop, and the community that has become the authentic voice of Liverpool Football Club.

The bold yellow jersey is representative of the club’s rich history with the colour. The red and yellow checkered trim on the collar draws from the flags that fill the Kop.

The pinstripes highlight the tight bond between the club and its community.

Paris Saint-Germain

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 6

The Paris-Saint Germain 2021-22 third kit builds on the Paname theme of suburban fandom.

The jerseys bring important colours of past kits, like dark gray and black, as well as elements like the chest band stripe.

The black is representative of the importance and power of football, while the grey signifies the landscape and aesthetic of the city suburbs.

RB Leipzig

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 8

The 2021-22 RB Leipzig third kit unites the city’s football and techno music scenes with a glitchy allover print in teal and pink. A bold pink bolt runs down each of the side panels.

Tottenham Hotspur

Global Football Third Kits 2021-2022 8

The prints and patterns for Tottenham Hotspur’s 2021-22 third kit are inspired by the designs of eight local creatives on the topic of what N17 means to them.

The designs were synthesised through training workshops with Tottenham Textiles, resulting in a purple and teal base, graphics that range from the industrial to the artistic, and an N17 logo inside the collar.