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Garmin Adds Three Wellness Icons To UK Ambassador Programme

Dr Zoe - Alex Greenwood - Katie Piper

Last updated on September 28th, 2023 at 12:48 PM

Garmin has revealed that three new star-studded celebrities will be joining the Garmin UK ambassador programme to bring fitness performance, health and overall well-being to the forefront with their VenuÒ 3 smartwatches.

Lioness footballer and dynamic defender Alex Greenwood, philanthropist, author, broadcaster and wellness advocate Katie Piper, and noted medical podcaster and author Dr. Zoe Williams will bring their expertise in the fitness and wellness space to their audiences by creating content for the Garmin UK’s social media platforms, marketing campaigns and future PR activations.

“Garmin smartwatches like the Venu 3 series can help empower people of all ages and abilities to know their bodies better and continually improve their performance, and we are excited to see what’s possible as this trio of all stars share their coveted fitness and wellness tips and tricks with their audiences and followers.” – Susan Lyman, Garmin Vice President of Global Marketing

The trifecta of fitness and wellness leaders will help inspire others to redefine what’s possible, break new ground and achieve health and fitness goals.

“I have been an active user of Garmin for a long time and love the brand, so it feels like a natural, authentic fit. I am a big advocate for tracking sleep and recovery, as well as monitoring how my cycle stages affect my training, which I can do without having to charge my watch every night.” England’s Alex Greenwood, 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Finalist and nominee for FIFA Best Women’s Player of the Year 2023.

‘Health and well-being is such an important part of my life and as a busy mum of two, life can be chaotic! It’s so important for me to find ‘me-time’ … be that getting my steps in, or a quick breathwork exercise to calm my mind so I’m ready to face the day.’

– Katie Piper, philanthropist, author, broadcaster and wellness advocate.

“Looking after your health has always been important, but being able to monitor your health data from your wrist is a fantastic way of understanding your body, your needs and monitoring that all-important sleep score.

I am a big advocate for the importance of education and advice, and my Venu 3 helps me to know my body better.” Dr. Zoe Williams, NHS GP, podcaster and author.