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Could Audio-Only Training Revolutionise Your Workout


Undoubtedly, at-home digital fitness has been one of the pandemic’s big winners. It is also true that as many of us work from home after the pandemic, we are working out at home more too.

As a result, reports now show that screen time has increased by 76% during the covid-19 pandemic and it is widely accepted that the effects of screen time have also been linked to increased stress and lower levels of motivation.

So why are we turning to costly, at-home digital fitness platforms that rely on us to stay within our own four walls and concentrate, yet more, on visuals?

That’s why audio-based training app WithU have collaborated with the world’s leading fitness professionals to deliver structured workouts with straight-talking instruction direct to your device to power through at home, in the gym and outside.

The audio-based workouts deliver instructions without distraction, allowing users to be present in whatever environment they wish and reducing screen time.

With over 1000 immersive audio-based workouts and personalised programmes, users are guided with clear instruction, allowing for full concentration on maintaining proper form and correct breathing – something that is often lost when there is a fixation on on-screen instruction. 

Tim Benjamin, Co-Founder of WithU Training said: “Whilst the at-home connected fitness industry has boomed, here at WithU we believe that there is a huge misconception that to meet the ‘gold standard’ of fitness, we must invest in expensive gym equipment that is effectively useless without the costly monthly subscription fee and – in the main – keeps us cooped in our homes, which isn’t good for us.

“With audio training, there is no need to focus on a screen and you can do it wherever you want to.

You can immerse yourself in guided instruction from our experts and fully concentrate on maintaining proper form and correct breathing.

Being more mindful and present can help us regroup and feel calmer, and there’s no doubt that being outside in nature and getting active outdoors is a great way to find peace, especially in the current climate.

Furthermore, through audio training, there’s a greater focus on your form which not only reduces the risk of injury but allows you to get the maximum benefit from your workout.”

WithU training programmes are tailored to your goals and the app offers a jam-packed workout library across 14 disciplines (and counting!) including HIIT, Strength Training, Running, Cycling and Meditation.

Alongside WithU’s coaches include Team GB’s Olympic Sprinter Harry Aikines-Aryeetey and Coach and Author of the PMA Method Faisal Abdella, users can harmoniously balance instruction, motivation, support, and a tempo that drives us all to perform.

WithU is available to download and offers two subscriptions: a rolling monthly plan for £9.99 or an annual plan for £79.99. New customers will also have a completely free 14-day trial.