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The Great Escape… To The Loo!


As the UK enters another week of lockdown, new research has revealed that 1 in 5 Brits are now using the bathroom to escape from their loved ones – resulting in the toilet swiftly becoming the Best Seat in the House.

A whopping 42% of respondents admitted to seeking solace from their family in the loo, with a further 33% of people using the lav to take a breather from the kids!

The study found that almost half (48%) of the nation consider the bathroom to be a relaxing room with 20% claiming the amount of time they spend in there each day has increased since lockdown was imposed.

It also turns out 1:15pm is the peak time for lockdown bathroom traffic, with the coveted spot being the catalyst for 10% of Brits arguing with a family member or flatmate for spending too long in the loo.

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The survey, commissioned by Bloo – the UK’s number one toilet hygiene brand, highlights 2 in 5 people are now cleaning the bathroom more than ever before, with 63% admitting they are more conscious of germs since the outbreak of the Covid-19.

The most popular lockdown bathroom makeovers are:

  • New Paint job (54%)

  • Changed the shower curtain (47%)

  • Updated the soap dispenser (37%)

  • Updated the toothbrush holder (34%)

  • Hung a picture (15%)

Although working from home has become the reality for many Brits, it seems there’s still no shortage of the Monday blues with 42% of respondents saying they get this feeling more often now than they did before lockdown started.

To ease the start of the working week, Bloo has launched a quiz series called Bloo Mondays.

Challenging Brits to put their toilet trivia to the test, Bloo will upload a new quiz each Monday featuring questions ranging from fun facts to horrid history.

Edeje Onwude, Senior Brand Manager for Bloo, comments: “With Brits spending more time at home due to Covid-19, it’s interesting to see how the bathroom has become a sanctuary for many.

The research shows that people are now using the bathroom as a form of escapism from the realities of lockdown, whether that be to catch up on the news (24%), get lost in a book (23%), or listen to music (19%).

We hope the launch of Bloo Mondays will entertain and provide a source of light relief for those at home, and truly make the loo the Best Seat in the House.”

The first quiz will launch on June 8th at 9.30 am with subsequent quizzes to fall each Monday thereafter. Visit to test your knowledge and for a chance to win a prize bundle.