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What Your Car Make Says About You

red range rover

A new nationwide study from YesAuto UK surveyed 2,000 British drivers around their traits and discovered some interesting facts.

According to the data, Audi drivers are the most successful on social media, with 25 percent (more than any car driver) claiming they have in excess of 1,000 followers on their social media platforms.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, BMW motorists are the fastest on the road, with 38 percent admitting they like to put their foot down when out for a drive.

And this zest for thrills apparently translates into the bedroom, as BMW drivers were also most likely to claim they are an “excellent lover” (40 percent)

According to the study by, Range Rover drivers are likely to be the most well-paid of all motorists, with more than a quarter (26 percent) reporting that they earn more than £80k a year.

People with Fiats are the biggest party animals, with 55 percent confessing they are social butterflies who love going out every weekend, while Volvo drivers are the biggest book worms, with as many as 72 percent claiming to be well read.

And Mini drivers are the most cautious on the road, with 60 percent saying their driving style is slow, careful, and defensive.

People who drive Volkswagens have the most discerning palates, according to the data, with 44 percent claiming to be real foodies.

While Mercedes Benz drivers are the most opinionated, with 18 percent admitting they are loud mouths.

And if you want to be entertained, it might be worth hanging out with Vauxhall drivers, as they are most likely to say they are very funny and are always making their friends laugh (55 percent).

Be careful what you say to a Kia driver, however, as 32 percent admit they have thin skin and take criticism to heart.

Alfa Romeo drivers are the fittest, with the average motorist exercising for eight hours a week, compared to an overall average of just five hours.

And when it comes to what music is likely to be playing in our cars, Volvo drivers are most inclined to stick on some rock (64 percent), Alfa Romeo drivers will likely be blasting out dance music (38 percent), while Volkswagen drivers will probably be enjoying some jazz (22 percent).

According to the study, BMW drivers prefer grime (21 percent), Mercedes Benz drivers like to roll to hip hop (39 percent), and Skoda drivers are the most likely to be listening to classical music on a drive (40 percent).

Neil You, General Manager of YesAuto UK which commissioned the survey said: “The research clearly highlights the differences in personalities depending on the car that you drive.

This could help dealers understand their customers’ tastes better and for instance, this could be ensuring the music playlist is set to the preference of different drivers for test drives. 

Additionally, pointing out the safety features of a Mini for those careful and cautious drivers could just seal the deal when a customer is considering a purchase. 

“And for those customers that are looking to buy or upgrade their cars but are not quite sure which make and model to go for, YesAuto’s innovative technology allows users to configure the perfect car from the comfort of their sofas, regardless of their tastes and habits.”

Overall, more than HALF (51 percent) of the 2,000 British drivers polled admitted that they do judge people on the car that they drive, with a third (33 percent) believing that you can tell how confident someone is by their choice of motor.

And 36 percent think that your car is a tangible measure of your success, 39 percent believe that it indicates how wealthy you are – and 29 percent say the state of your car is a good sign of how tidy you are.


Fiat: you are a party animal

Audi: you’re a social media influencer

BMW: you’re a great lover

Mini: you’re a cautious person

Range Rover: you’re a high earner

Volkswagen: you’re a foodie

Mercedes Benz: you’re a bit of a loudmouth

Vauxhall: you’re a natural comedian

Volvo: you’re an avid reader

Kia: you’re a sensitive soul

Alfa Romeo: you’re a gym bunny