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What to Expect from Your First Session With a Personal Trainer (Plus Three Questions to Ask)

Personal trainer with woman on cycling machine at the gym

Having a first session with a personal trainer can feel a little daunting at first. But by knowing what to expect and being prepared with a list of questions, you can acclimatise more easily and understand the path that your fitness journey will take.

Here I take a look at what to expect from your initial session, followed by three useful questions to ask.

How to Find an Affordable Personal Fitness Trainer

First things first: you need to find a good personal fitness trainer. If you are on a tight budget, you will also want to find a trainer who is affordable. You can often find certified personal trainers at local community centres, so that is a good place to start your search.

Alternatively, you could consider working with an online personal trainer. Despite being remote, virtual trainers can offer personalised plans with regular check-ins via video calls – and they are often more affordable than in-person trainers.

However, if you are serious about your health and fitness goals, it is usually best to find a qualified personal trainer at a gym. By comparing different gyms, you can find the least expensive option.

Commercial gym chains usually employ multiple trainers. So, by looking at different options, you can choose a trainer who fits your budget and needs.

Anytime Fitness is a great option because, in addition to having numerous gyms in multiple locations, your Anytime Fitness personal trainer will design a programme that is suited to your specific health and fitness goals.

What to Expect from Your First Session

Once you have found the right personal trainer for you, expect the following things during your first session.

An Initial Assessment

A good personal trainer will begin by conducting an assessment. That means performing a comprehensive evaluation to identify your current physical condition and fitness level.

For instance, your personal trainer may ask about your past injuries or underlying health conditions.

Looking at your weight, height, body mass index, flexibility, muscle strength and heart rate may also be part of the assessment.

Do not feel intimidated during this initial assessment. It is a standard procedure that helps your personal trainer to design a safe and effective workout plan specifically for you.

Setting Your Fitness Goals

Goal-setting will often be the next thing you discuss with your personal trainer during your first session.

During this step, it is crucial to have clear communication. That means speaking up about what you are hoping to achieve so that your trainer can guide you effectively. You could want to lose weight, build muscle or improve your overall health. 

Alternatively, you may have more specific objectives, such as losing stomach fat or advancing your fitness to prepare for running in a marathon.

Having detailed and truthful conversations about your fitness goals with your trainer will not just keep you motivated. It will also ensure optimal customization befitting your needs.

Determining a Personalised Workout Plan

Armed with all your details and personal goals, your trainer will construct a tailor-made fitness regimen that targets your specific aims and adapts to your current condition.

For example, you would not be immediately pushed into running five miles if such intensity could possibly trigger an old knee injury.

Nutrition Advice

Another essential component to anticipate during your initial session is nutritional guidance. After all, the kinds of food you fuel your body with will significantly affect your performance and results.

For instance, if you are looking to bulk up, your personal trainer might suggest eating five small meals per day rather than three large ones.

Three Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

At the outset of your fitness journey with a personal trainer, it is normal to have questions or even concerns. Therefore, having an open dialogue with your fitness professional from the start is crucial.

To aid you in this process, here are a few important questions to bring forth during your initial session.

1. What Are Your Qualifications?

Digging into your personal trainer’s qualifications will not be deemed impolite. After all, they are about to play an integral part in managing and improving your health.

So, it is actually imperative for you to verify their credentials and certifications related to fitness and nutrition before you start your journey.

2. How Often Should We Meet?

The frequency of personal training sessions varies according to your individual goals and availability.

Discussing this matter with your trainer helps to set definite expectations for you both when planning workouts.

3. What Happens If I Miss a Session Due to Unforeseen Circumstances?

If you have a work emergency, family commitments or illness, it could derail your exercise schedule.

Therefore, you should understand how your personal trainer deals with unexpected cancellations or rescheduling. You can then prevent potential hiccups along the way and ensure a smooth personal fitness journey.