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Tech Mahindra Global Chess League Set to Thrill London with Second Edition

Tech Mahindra Global Chess League

London, renowned for its blend of tradition and modernity, is poised to host the eagerly awaited second edition of the Tech Mahindra Global Chess League.

This prestigious event, a collaboration between the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and Tech Mahindra, promises to be a grand celebration of strategy, skill, and technological innovation in the heart of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

From October 3rd to 12th, 2024, Friends House, centrally located in London, will serve as the battleground where top chess luminaries from around the globe converge.

Building on the success of its inaugural season, the league aims to elevate the fan experience to unprecedented heights, much like major global sports leagues.

Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, said, “After a fantastic response to the inaugural season, we are excited to continue our mission of expanding the reach of chess worldwide and drawing in new experiences for chess fans.

Tech Mahindra’s commitment to usher in a new era in the modern chess ecosystem is commendable, and we are confident that the second edition of the league will provide the right platform and push needed to further elevate the sport.”

The league introduces a dynamic team format that embraces inclusivity and high-stakes competition.

Teams will comprise six players, including top female players and prodigies, competing in a format that emphasizes collaborative strategy and tactical prowess.

Each match will employ a best-of-six board scoring system, ensuring intense battles and thrilling outcomes.

Mohit Joshi, CEO and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra, highlighted the league’s strategic importance, saying, “Chess and business share key values such as planning, speed, strategy, and risk management.

The infusion of technology opens exciting new opportunities, transforming both fields. The Global Chess League’s second edition creates a unique platform for the global growth of Chess.”

Beyond the tournament itself, the league champions an inclusive approach through initiatives like the Global Chess League Trophy Tour and an innovative hackathon.

The ongoing hackathon invites chess enthusiasts of all levels to propose advancements in chess education, digital innovation, and community impact, reflecting the league’s commitment to fostering creativity and inclusivity.

Peeyush Dubey, Chairperson of the Global Chess League Board, underscored their vision, stating, “We will continue to leverage the Global Chess League’s innovative format and next-gen technologies to captivate and engage fans worldwide.

The second edition is seeing unprecedented excitement from our partners and stakeholders. Together with FIDE, our vision for the league is to bring the best from the chess world.”

As the countdown begins for the Tech Mahindra Global Chess League in London, anticipation builds among fans and players alike.

With its blend of tradition, innovation, and strategic excellence, this event reaffirms chess as not just a game, but a dynamic cultural phenomenon embraced worldwide.