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SUDU: The New UK Sportswear Brand Redefining Athletic Excellence

SUDU - New Manchester headquartered sportswear brand backed by sports & entertainment giant

Manchester, UK – The sportswear scene has just gotten a fresh injection of innovation with the launch of SUDU, an exciting new brand headquartered in Manchester.

The name SUDU translates to ‘speed’, ‘velocity’, and ‘tempo’, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s ethos.

SUDU - New Manchester headquartered sportswear brand backed by sports & entertainment giant

SUDU’s debut collection, aptly named ‘Run,’ has hit the market with a bang, showcasing 16 meticulously designed products aimed at runners of all abilities.

With the substantial backing of Levy UK & Ireland, part of the FTSE 100 Compass Group PLC, SUDU is set to make significant strides in the world of sportswear.

A Collection Designed for All Runners

SUDU’s ‘Run’ collection includes the revolutionary SRM 01, the brand’s first running shoe, engineered to deliver a harmonious blend of responsiveness and comfort.

The 15-piece apparel range spans from running vests and shorts to versatile jackets and layering options, all crafted from cutting-edge fabrics.

The design philosophy combines style with functionality, ensuring that athletes, whether beginners or seasoned pros, have the gear they need to excel.

“Our first running shoe features a responsive Spring Foam+ midsole which bounces back to propel you further with every stride,” says Samuela Melidoni, Head of Design at Levy Merchandising.

“Speed Weave+ engineered mesh, silicone details on the tongue and heel, and a plush collar that wraps around the ankle will keep you cool and comfortable.”

Collaboration with Levy: A Partnership of Excellence

SUDU’s partnership with Levy UK & Ireland brings a wealth of expertise in tech, sustainability, data, e-commerce, buying, and retail operations to the table.

This collaboration ensures that SUDU’s products not only meet high standards of quality and innovation but also adhere to ethical practices.

Levy’s commitment to community and environmental responsibility is evident in SUDU’s operations, with all products sourced from ethically audited factories.

Vinny Clark, CEO of Levy Merchandising, emphasizes the brand’s vision: “We have big aspirations to build a leading brand that not only equips individuals with the tools they need to excel in physical pursuits but also empowers mindsets with every motion.

We want to inspire and create a community of athletes who love pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.”

Empowering Communities and Promoting Accessibility

In line with their commitment to making sports accessible, SUDU has partnered with Sported, the UK’s largest network of community groups.

This initiative supports over 550,000 young people in overcoming barriers and reaching their potential.

SUDU’s involvement with Sported will back numerous initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity and fairness in sports.

Looking Ahead: Expanding Beyond Running

While the ‘Run’ collection marks an impressive debut, SUDU has ambitious plans for the future. The brand is already working on expanding its product range to include Play football, Train fitness, and Rest lifestyle categories.

These new lines will continue to reflect SUDU’s dedication to quality and performance. The Play football range aims to inspire athletes at all levels, while the Rest lifestyle range focuses on recovery and well-being.

The Train fitness collection promises gym essentials that celebrate the effort of every workout.

Additionally, SUDU is preparing to launch women’s specific collections across these categories by early 2025, informed by insights from Levy ambassadors and a broader advisory board.

With its innovative designs and strong ethical foundation, SUDU is poised to make a significant impact on the sportswear market.

The brand’s launch collection is now available online across the UK, offering athletes of all levels the chance to experience SUDU’s commitment to excellence firsthand.

To explore the full SUDU Run collection, visit