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6 In 10 Brits Get Their Diet Tips Online – With TikTok Leading The Way For Gen Zs

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With social media playing such a significant role in all of our lives, many now use the apps to shape their figures. 

Now, a new report from health and fitness experts, OriGym reveals social media has had a profound effect on people’s body image, as 6 in 10 Brits revealed they get their diet tips online. 

The report shows that being frequently exposed to fitness-related trends has had a physical and mental impact on Brits, particularly the youngest generation. 

REVEALED: YouTube is the top online platform Brits use for exercise and diet advice

It was revealed YouTube was the most popular sharing platform for Brits who are looking for diet, fitness and health tips. While TikTok was the leading app for Gen Zs sourcing guidance, with almost 3 in 5 admitting they get their diet tips from the video-sharing app. 

What I eat in a day reels, progress pictures, workout tips and calorie guidance videos are all becoming largely followed topics online. The report found that the following were the most motivational online trends that made people want to change their body:

Top 5 most motivational trends:

1Progress pictures/videos37%
2Workout videos32%
3Calorie deficit meal plans25%
4What I eat in a day videos22%
5Seeing images of aspirational bodies20%

*Respondents could give multiple answers

The impact of influencer advertising: Almost half of Brits have bought a weight loss product on influencer recommendations

Despite Instagram implementing rules about ‘quick fix’ weight loss products and cosmetic surgery on its app, many weight loss and meal replacement products are still being promoted across social media. 

The report reveals 48% of Brits have purchased a product after it was recommended by an influencer. The results also show that, due to their exposure they had a heightened reliance on influencer recommendations, as two-thirds of Gen Z and 2 in 5 Millennials had bought a weight loss or meal replacement product based on influencer or celebrity recommendations.

Most commonly purchased weight loss products following influencer recommendations:

3My Protein Works8%
4MyProtein Low Cal Meal Replacement7%
6Flat Tummy Tea6%
7V24 Gummies6%
10Fuel Station Juice Cleanse4%

Respondents could give multiple answers to highlight all of the purchases they had made. 

Study reveals ‘picture perfect’ culture affects over HALF of under 35s’ mental health 

Unattainable beauty standards broadcasted on image-sharing social platforms have impacted the mental health of under 35s, as over half said that if they can’t attain a body like an influencer it affects their mental health. 

‘Temporarily disable Instagram’ searches up 198% – why 50% of young people say influencer body pics affect mental health

Nearly a third of 16 to 24-year-olds feel their body and face aren’t attractive compared to what they see online and feel ‘ugly’. Likewise, 1 in 6 of these Gen Zs feel they ‘can’t be intimate with someone’ because of social media beauty standards.

“My body isn’t normal”: How young Brits feel about social media beauty standards  

Over 1 in 6 said the beauty standards of social media have made them want to avoid networking sites and apps completely, with Google searches to ‘temporarily disable Instagram’ up 198% year on year too.

The full study from Origym can be viewed here: