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Skechers Has Helped Save the Lives of 396,000 Dogs and Cats Nationwide Through $4.23 Million in Donations


Sketchers has donated more than $4.23 million to animal welfare organizations through its BOBS for Dogs and BOBS for Cats collections.

Since 2014, the funds have helped more than 750,000 pets in the United States, which includes more than 396,000 dogs and cats saved through adoptions.

Since Skechers’ partnership with Petco Foundation began in January 2019, the Company has helped save more than 155,000 animals, a new lifesaving record for the BOBS for Dogs brand.

Through more than $830,000 in donations to Petco Foundation, the Company has supported more than 63,500 animal adoptions at local shelters and rescues nationwide, over 86,900 adoptions at Petco stores, community-wide adoption events that have found loving homes for more than 5,000 pets, and more than 11,000 spay and neuter surgeries.

“We are thrilled and inspired to see how substantial an impact our collaboration with Petco Foundation has had in such a short period of time,” said Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers.

“It’s really thanks to all of our consumers, their impassioned commitment to our shared cause—and all of the creative ways that we have built our partnership with Petco Foundation to make a greater difference.”

Through its collaboration, Skechers and Petco Foundation have employed a wide range of donation-raising strategies to advance the animal life-saving movement: promoting BOBS for Dogs’ popular shelter pet styles and cartooned animal mosaic casuals; expanding its animal-themed casual and sleepwear collections; and coordinating Petco-exclusive pet accessories with BOBS shoes at Petco locations in the United States — the most successful product that the pet company has ever carried for people at its stores.

The partners are also looking to expand this successful charity strategy to Canada in 2020 in support of the thousands of shelter pets in need throughout the country.

“Skechers is unique because the company has the ambition of a strategic global brand and the heart of a non-profit charity organization,” said Susanne Kogut, president of the Petco Foundation. “Since the beginning, they’ve shown a strong interest in hitting the ground giving and making a difference in new, impactful ways.

We’re excited to pursue new lifesaving records this year and hope to save more shelter pets than ever with their continued support.”

For each pair of specially packaged BOBS shoes and apparel sold online and in retail stores throughout the United States, and coordinating BOBS shoes and pet accessories sold at and select Petco stores nationwide, twenty-five cents is donated to the Petco Foundation to help animal welfare and rescue organizations save and support shelter pets across the United States.

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