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8 Signs You’re Really Missing The Gym At The Moment

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Ah the local gym. Before the spread of coronavirus forced its closure, we loved to loathe the place with every fibre of our being.

We hated how tortuously painful the workouts were, we found the instructors frustratingly perky and let’s face it, there was nothing worse than having to squeeze yourself into a pair of leggings in front of a changing room full of strangers.

But now we’re a weeks into lockdown, we’re really starting to miss our local leisure centre. We miss the camaraderie, the banter and even the musty smell on the communal mats. Working out at home just isn’t the same.

Here are a few key signs that you’re hopelessly pining for your gym….

1. You’re fed up of substituting the fancy gym dumbbells for cans of soup

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At first, you really embraced the ‘make do’ attitude of pumping iron with a couple of cans of leek and potato soup, but let’s face it, it’s not exactly an intense workout – plus they have the annoying tendency to slip out of your grasp and roll under the sofa as soon as you start to sweat. You didn’t think it was possible to pine so badly over a rack of weights.

2. You and your mates are all working out together, virtually

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Desperate to recreate the class experience, you and your pals are following the same online workouts every day. The organised friend of the group has made a weekly timetable and you even cheer each other on over WhatsApp. You can’t wait for your next sweaty high five when you’re all reunited again.

3. You’ve already bought loads of fancy new activewear for when lockdown ends

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In the spirit of being optimistic, you’ve maxed out your credit card on a ridiculously expensive pair of trainers and some really cute matching leggings and sports bras. Sure, only your cat can see you wearing them right now, but you can’t wait to show off your fabulous new looks on the gym floor.

4. You’ve got a group chat with your mates from Zumba

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In an effort to keep the gym camaraderie high, someone from the local gym has roped everyone into a group chat. The conversation generally revolves around two topics: reminiscing over the gym and speculation over when it will open again. There’s always one poor optimist that’s got their water bottle and sweat towel at the door, ready for the ‘imminent’ reopening.

5. You have a meltdown every time a piece of living room furniture gets in the way of your workout

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Taking part in a home workout means you have to spend a good 20 minutes rearranging your furniture so you’ve got some space to move. You miss having a gym studio big enough for you to high kick and not send a lamp crashing off a table. And as much as you love your decor scheme, you’ve really got it in for that one piece of furniture that you always seem to stub your toe on.

6. You’ve tried to recreate the gym experience at home

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You’ve got stacks of fluffy white towels ready for your post-workout shower and you’ve even bought the same nice shampoo and body wash they have in the changing rooms. A couple of days ago, you disastrously attempted to recreate the protein shake they sell at your local smoothie bar in your Nutribullet.

7. You miss carrying around your gym bag

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One of the most annoying things about going to the gym was the faff of having to lug around all your gear during the day. Now you’re actually missing the simple act of packing and carrying a gym bag for the day. We’d take back the shoulder ache in a heartbeat.

8. You’ve completely lost your mojo

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The gym was a great motivator. Without the instructors barking at you, the other gym-goers keeping you accountable and the fancy protein shake afterwards as a reward, you’ve regressed into a total couch potato.

The good news is that lockdown isn’t forever, and once we’re through to the other side, you’ll be back to complaining about the non-stop burpee finisher in your HIIT class in no time. Until then, there’s always the cans of soup.