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Pentathlon GB Launches Penta+, The New Multi-Sports Brand To Inspire Athletes And Sporting Fans

athlete crosses penta+ finish line

Pentathlon GB, the national governing body for the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon, has launched a new multi-sports sub brand, Penta+, for the next generation of athletes and sporting fans.

The launch follows the recent announcement by the International Olympic Committee that Modern Pentathlon will continue to be part of their programme for the Los Angeles 2028 Games.

The new brand, distinct from the governing body, is a combination and culmination of the organisation’s mission to modernise itself as a multi-sport provider and better reflect the diversity of its audiences.

Its primary goal is to drive recruitment and participation with members, athletes and future fans of all ages and abilities, by fostering an active athlete community that empowers participation with a new brand expression ‘Be Brave. Be More’, and a personality characterised by accessibility, dynamism, bravery and fun.

Pentathlon GB is an organisation with its roots in the ancient Olympic Games, and now, as it celebrates 100 years since its modern reincarnation, it has an ambitious strategy to extend its relevance and reach, engage with more diverse audiences, win more medals, and ensure its sustainability for the long term.

The name Penta+ reflects the sport’s multiple disciplines, including Penta RunPenta Swim, Penta Shoot, Penta Fence, Penta Obstacle and Penta Ride, and represents the limitless potential.

The Penta+ brand showcases the sport’s flexibility, as athletes can customise their experience and ‘mix and match’ the components they find appealing, essentially building their own sport. This opens up opportunities for increased participation and inclusion.

The new brand can be used as a flexible brand hierarchy that signposts the individual sports and how they come together to create competitions, such as Modern BiathlonModern Triathlon, and Modern Pentathlon. It also reflects the introduction of a new discipline (obstacle sports) and a shift from five to six sports, Penta+.

Across the brand’s visual identity, the theme of ‘doing and being more’ is brought to life through active and assertive photography, capturing athletes of all levels realising their potential in sport and life.

A bold new colour palette, inspired by Pentathlon GB colours as a foundation, has been designed to create a combination of gradients, which signifies

the diversity of sports on offer and its commitment to equal representation.  The + symbol has been abstracted to create a flexible graphic system of static and movement-based patterns that can frame and lay across content to create a bold and ever-moving visual system that is uniquely Penta+.

Athlete kit, merchandise and event staging and communication also form part of the Penta+ branding, to help Pentathlon GB engage with and extend its reach to audiences.

Trafford Wilson, CEO at Pentathlon GB said: “As we celebrate 100 years of Pentathlon in the UK, this rebrand of the sport signifies a pivotal moment in our journey and for Pentathlon.

Working with Household has been a true delight, and we’re so thrilled to unveil the launch to the general public. For far too long misconceptions surrounding the organisation have prevented people from participating in the sport and we wanted to change that narrative.

Pentathlon should be a sport for everyone, and it was incredibly important for us to create a brand that speaks to all groups, but most importantly supports all groups. For us, Penta+ is a true embodiment of our commitment to the evolution of the sport and our work with Household perfectly communicates that.”

The brand strategy, visual identity and logo were defined and developed by creative agency Household.  Matt Michaluk, Executive Creative Director at Household said: As part of our ethos, Household is committed to supporting non-profit organisations through the power of creativity.

It has been a privilege working with Pentathlon GB on their vision to create a vibrant and inclusive brand that fits the world of today – a diverse family of sports, created for every ability.

Our shared vision focused not only on rebranding, but ensured that the refreshed assets reflected key messages around equality, positive change and a sense of community. 

We are excited to have helped modernise one of the oldest sports in the world, opening it up to new generations of fans and celebrating the uniqueness of this multi-sport. Here’s to the next 100 years!”