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Unleash Your Power On The Field With Nike’s Game-Changing Phantom Luna

female footballer wearing nike phantom luna

In the ever-competitive and celebrated world of women’s football, the game has reached new heights. With high-scoring matches, unified team attacks, and players covering vast distances, it’s clear that the evolution of the sport demands a corresponding evolution in the gear athletes wear on the pitch.

Enter Nike, making its most significant investment in women yet, as they embark on a groundbreaking journey to reimagine a boot centred entirely around her.

This process spanned over two years, involving extensive research, trials, design, and styling, resulting in the birth of the highly anticipated Phantom Luna.

As the historic tournament in Australia and New Zealand looms, Nike is thrilled to unveil their most innovative women’s-led boot. The Phantom Luna is a testament to Nike’s commitment to listening to the voice of the athlete, obsessing over traction, fit, and feel for female footballers.

The game-changing traction of the Phantom Luna sets it apart. Recognizing that split-second changes of direction often determine the outcome, Nike’s team of scientists and engineers developed a groundbreaking circular stud pattern, known as Nike Cyclone 360, strategically placed near the toes. This pattern ensures players can move with unparalleled agility, precision, and confidence on the field.

Fit is another area where the Phantom Luna caters exclusively to the female footballer. Feedback from female athletes guided Nike to introduce the innovative Nike Asym Fit, offering a snug and supportive ankle fit, delivering a whole new level of comfort and performance.

In the era of team-oriented attacking play, the boots need to facilitate quick passes and pinpoint accuracy while traversing the pitch.

Acknowledging that women’s feet are, on average, smaller than their male counterparts, Nike incorporated the cutting-edge Nike Gripknit technology into the upper of the Phantom Luna.

This innovation creates larger touch zones, enabling superior control and accuracy. The boot’s soft and pliable material, integrated with the Gripknit coating, provides a “tacky” sensation, ensuring optimal boot-to-ball connection.

Dr Elysia Davis, Principal Researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab, explains, “Phantom Luna embodies Nike’s unwavering support for her. We’ve placed her at the heart of the process, from research to testing to design.

With Phantom Luna, we offer a boot thoughtfully crafted for her, featuring a new circular stud pattern and fit, empowering athletes to move with unrivalled precision and confidence on the pitch.”

Starting late June 2023, the Nike Phantom Luna Elite and Phantom Luna will be available at and select retailers, marking a new era in women’s football boots.

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