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Why Yoga Is More Than Just A Fitness Routine

Yoga’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years as more and more people take on the practice.

While it is considered an aspect of the fitness world, the culture surrounding yoga has grown to be something that many have taken on as a lifestyle.

Here, Abby McLachlan from East of Eden explains how this has come to be: “In the Western world, when we think of yoga, we tend to think of the postures and the physical practise, however yoga is much more than just exercise.

Yoga means union: union of mind and body, and union of the individual with the universal.

“It’s a process for self-inquiry, a moving meditation. Sure, as part of a yoga practice, you might also become more flexible and physically strong. It can be a very dynamic practice, and you might even learn to stand on your hands.

But while that can be fun, it’s all really a means to an end, which is accessing a deeper knowledge of yourself, connecting to the world around you, and ultimately fighting for what you believe in.

The physical practice itself is actually only one eighth of the ancient Indian system they call yoga. Ultimately it makes us better people, and what’s not to love about that.”


East of Eden is a yoga and Pilates studio and lifestyle hub in Walthamstow. NE London, owned by Abby McLachlan.

Launched in 2015 and initially a single small community studio offering 19 classes a week, East of Eden has expanded to now offer over 100 weekly classes for all levels, in 3 studios, with a café and treatment rooms and retreats and teacher training.

On top of this, they participate in local events such as Art Night, the Walthamstow Garden Party and the Borough of Culture 2019 and offer yoga outside E17 at the Natural History Museum and the Imperial War Museum.

As well as the in person classes, they livestream over 70 classes a week from their beautiful Walthamstow studios, with practitioners joining from Germany, the USA and across the UK.

In September 2020, they also launched a separate on demand HD video and audio subscription platform ‘Eden At Home’ with a library of yoga, pilates, barre, meditation classes and series, with prices starting from just £3.83 a week for membership

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