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Innovations That Will Revolutionise Women’s Health

The technology sector has made life easier in a number of ways, including when it comes to monitoring our health.

In recognition of International Women’s Health Day, dating app Jaumo looked at the top Femtech (Female technology) innovations that have changed the lives of women globally.

A true wonderbra

Bras could soon serve a purpose other than keeping up a woman’s cleavage.

With cups that contain sensors monitoring thermal patterns across the breast tissue, the Eva bra is still in the early stages of development but could play a vital role in screening for breast cancer. An accompanying app alerts the wearer to any abnormalities and advises on steps to take.

Curing premenstrual cramps

Women can now also alleviate menstrual clamp with a simple gadget that attaches itself to underwear. 

Livia is a small device that sends electrodes into the areas where menstrual cramp is present, providing instant relief while numbing the pain and discomfort.

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Discreet pregnancy tests

Flushable and biodegradable pregnancy tests such as those offered by Lia give women more control over their fertility by allowing for discretion and privacy.

The test is 99% accurate and works like a normal pregnancy test. The difference is that it can be easily flushed directly down the toilet after use, keeping the results discreet and personal.

Making contraception a man’s business

Until now condoms have been the only method of male contraception, but this could change soon thanks to the Wärmeklammer, a new type of thermal contraceptive that clamps to and heats up the testicles, preventing sperm production.

This may not appeal to many men for obvious reasons, but the good news is that there are further contraceptive options under development for women.

The American startup Aspivix has come up with a less painful and more hygienic way to insert IUDs. A vacuum suction pad eliminates the need for sharp and intrusive devices when inserting IUDs into the cervix.

Smart tampons

Tampons can be used for more than just stemming the menstrual flow, as proven by NextGen Jane.

A type of smart tampon that offers an alternative to invasive gynaecological examinations, it monitors menstrual waste so that users can gain a better understanding of their reproductive health.

Around 70% of women use tampons as part of their menstrual care routine, but sometimes it’s hard to know when a tampon needs changing.

That’s where TrackMyFlow comes in, a device that alerts women when they need to change their tampon.

Watching baby

Expectant parents can now monitor their baby ultrasonically in 2D or 3D with Baby Scan.

The app is not a replacement for medical scans, but rather offers a way for expectant parents to share ultrasound pictures with friends and family via the cloud.

Portable breast pumps

Mothers who want to ease the breastfeeding process can now benefit from Elvie, a portable breast pump that can easily be placed inside a bra and activated at any time to stimulate breast milk production. The pump bills itself as a silent device, claiming no tubes, no wires, no noise.

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