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Presca Sportswear Announce Their First Ever Retail Partnership With Wolf & Badger

Presca Sportswear has joined the popular independent fashion retail site Wolf & Badger. The entire Presca range has been made available on the Wolf & Badger site, which prides itself in stocking ‘the world’s best independent brands’ and is renowned for finding the newest up-and-coming brands.

With the addition of Presca Sportswear, Wolf & Badger has expanded its offering into new categories, with Presca being the first cycling brand to exist for the retailer.

Presca Sportswear, the world’s first climate-positive sportswear company, is leading the way for brands by taking a new approach to the fashion industry and beyond.

Already a well-established brand in the teamwear space for cycling, running and triathlon having dressed Olympians and World champions, Presca was founded by Environmental sports industry thought leader, Rob Webbon, and passionate triathlete, Guy Whitby, after their mutual love of sport caused them to take action.

The clothing industry has historically been the cause of ten percent of the world’s carbon emissions and over twenty percent of water pollution, with less than just one percent of clothing ever being truly recycled, sportswear included.

Presca’s mission is to change this by doing 100% good through its creation of the most environmentally conscious sportswear.

Presca’s continual growth as a brand will help to spread this message as well as create an active difference. Similarly, Wolf & Badger, who stock ‘the world’s best independent brands’ have recognised the increasing awareness and need for consumers to be involved with retail that reflects ethical and sustainable practice.

They feel the responsibility in their mission as a retailer is to offer a place for brands and independent designers to uphold these ethics. Presca Sportswear fits into this frame perfectly and is the newest brand to be offered through Wolf & Badger, widening the opportunity for retail consumers to make eco-conscious purchases, and furthering their vision to be a forward-thinking global community.  

With Wolf & Badger winning 2021’s Sustainable Business of the Year, Presca Sportswear is an obvious choice of brand to be stocked on its website. Wolf & Badger takes pride in their brands which strive to immerse themselves in producing a business that focuses on sustainability. 

Creative Director Lily Rice said, ‘We are delighted to work with Wolf & Badger. It feels extremely fitting to partner with them as the first B Corp certified marketplace in the UK and become part of their community of ethical brands.

It’s especially impactful to be able to create new categories and lead the way in offering more options to their conscious consumers .‘ For more information on Presca Sportswear, please visit https://www.prescasportswear.com/


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