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Wire Your Brain For Joy To Overcome Stress Overload

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 07:28, 14 January 2020

Stress is blocking our joy! It encodes faulty brain circuits that get us hooked on negative moods, unwanted habits, work obsessions and relationship problems.

The Stress Overload Solution tells us to stop focusing on problems and set our sights on wiring our brain for joy.

One by one those faulty wires that trigger problems fall away as they can’t compete with joy! Laurel Mellin, Ph.D., a New York Times bestselling author, UCSF professor, and the founder of Emotional Brain Training (EBT), maps out a 30-day program to turn problems into solutions and stress into joy.

Dr. Mellin’s techniques are stunningly simple: Start your day by saying, “I am creating joy in my life.”

Then whenever you are not in joy, celebrate that moment. It’s caused by a faulty wire and when that wire is activating stress, it’s neurons are unlocked and by using simple techniques, you can return to joy in a couple of minutes and savour the fact that you are rewiring that faulty circuit. Dr. Mellin shows us that stress can be good for us, as a moment of stress is a moment of rewiring to reach our goal ― to become wired for joy.

The magic of the method is that stress-fueled drives (moods, relationships, work issues, and habits) are caused by “crossed wires” in the brain. It encodes a false association with a basic need like safety or love with something that does not give us either.

Once that wire is encoded, we have strong drives to repeat that behaviour or engage in that mood. The drive doesn’t stop until we rewire that circuit. Once discovered, the reader locks in a new circuit that drives them to meet their true need in a healthier way, and be motivated to follow through for a higher purpose; such as authenticity, vibrancy, intimacy, spirituality, or freedom.

In this 30-day program, Dr. Mellin expertly explains how to wire your brain for joy. Using the Emotional Brain Training (EBT) method, her book is a complete how-to manual to train your own brain to create joy in your life.

Once learned, you’ll use these tools for a lifetime and pass them on to everyone because you appreciate that the world we create for ourselves is either stress overload or limitless joy – and you choose JOY.

Laurel Mellin, Ph.D., is a New York Times bestselling author; health psychologist; Associate Clinical Professor, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; and founder of the Emotional Brain Training (EBT) method.

She is also the leader of the Brain Based Health Movement, mobilizing individuals, universities and corporations to access the natural pathway in the brain to rapidly get from stress to joy.

She has been a faculty member at UCSF for more than 30 years, and her work has been featured on KQED public television, Oprah, Today, Good Morning America, and in U.S. News & World Report, Time,

The Conversation, Psychology Today, and many more publications. Her method was named one of the “Top Ten Medical Advances of the Year” by Health magazine.

Dr. Mellin’s credentials are from the University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and North Central University.

She is a Ph.D. health psychologist, a Master’s-level nutritionist, an internationally-recognized expert on obesity and stress, and has received government and health organization awards for her research and public education.

Her two latest books are The Stress Eating Solution and The Stress Overload Solution, which offer an opportunity to experience a 30-day, step-by-step way to learn how to become emotional superstars, and move through stress to joy, often in as little as four minutes, to stop cravings and stop the “stress buzzer” from being stuck on.

For more information, please visit; read Dr. Mellin’s blog at;
or connect with her on Instagram at or on Facebook at

The Stress Overload Solution: A Proven, Neuroscience Method for Optimal Well-being
Release Date: April 2019
Publisher: EBT Books
ISBN-10: 0578512815
ISBN-13: 978-0578512815
Available from

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