Whites Beaconsfield Launches UK’s First Affordable Electric Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

THE UK’s leading provider of non-peroxide natural teeth whitening products has launched the first affordable whitening toothbrush.

The first high performance electric toothbrush is the first of its kind with built in blue light whitening technology​ and is significantly cheaper than market rivals costing £69.99.

Half the price of the cheapest rival and a third of the price of others.

The market has a number of similar devices which assist with teeth whitening but they are considerably more expensive, typically £125-175​ ​and do not have the blue LED whitening lights in the head itself.

The entrepreneurial brothers Ollie and Toby Brittan who own Whites Beaconsfield have spent the last year disrupting the cosy teeth whitening industry with low priced, high quality products.

The Whites Beaconsfield story is quite remarkable. It was founded at the end of 2019 by brothers Ollie and Toby Brittan who are just 26 and 27 respectively with their best friend Tom Jansons, 28.

At the start of the pandemic they had just £350 and in twelve months they made £4million!

The new Whites Beaconsfield portable toothbrush safely and efficiently whitens teeth an average of 2.5 times shades in three days using state-of-the-art LED blue light technology.

This powerful toothbrush paired with a preferred fluoride toothpaste of choice promotes cleaning and whitening in one convenient step.

The built-in LED blue light, alongside four interchangeable settings, is carefully tuned to wavelengths shown to further accelerate the whitening process without causing sensitivity, while also killing harmful bacteria to promote greater oral health.

The toothbrush set contains a USB cable for charging on the move (full charge lasts up to two weeks) and also two replaceable brush heads.

Ollie said: “After 12 months of research and development we are proud to have launched what we truly believe is the most attractive toothbrush offering on the market.

From opening the packaging to the product itself we’ve created an experience for our customers, one which won’t let them down!

The smile is one of the most powerful tool​s​ you have for leading yourself and others to a better, happier place everyday.”

Toby said: “The feedback after the trial launch has been exceptional. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created and I feel like it has catapulted our company to another level.”

Dr Ali Hussain, a fully qualified NHS and private dentist, said: “I love how the Whites Beaconsfield products all contain natural products and ingredients and ingredients that help brighten people’s smiles as well as strengthen their teeth.

Peroxide based whitening gels can cause irritation to the gums they can cause sensitivity during the whitening process especially if they’re done incorrectly.

So, using a non peroxide such as the Whites beaconsfield formula you eliminate that risk but still get the end result of a brightened smile.

So overall it’s a gentler way to brighten your smile. My personal experience with the new formula has been positive. I’m happy with the results that I achieved and I would highly recommend it.”

Whites Beaconsfield specialise in non-peroxide teeth whitening kits that ​can show results after just ten minutes and range in price from £9.99 to £114.99.

The products vary from single items to ultimate teeth whitening kits (full product range www.whitesbeaconsfield.co.uk).

The extensively researched natural, vegan friendly oral care products are guaranteed to give cleaner teeth and a sparkly smile, naturally.

 The non-peroxide alternative has been very successful because of the low cost convenient products which give great money back guarantee results without the use of peroxide.

Whites Beaconsfield was founded by lifelong Wycombe Wanderers fans, Ollie and Toby Brittan, both from Beaconsfield have just agreed a three-year partnership which will see the terrace at Wanderers Adams Park become known as The Whites Beaconsfield Terrace.

The club’s popular digital platforms were unveiled at the 2021 FA Cup fourth round clash against premiership Tottenham Hotspur​​.

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