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Four Easy Swaps For Wellbeing Week To Keep You Happy And Healthy!

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 05:28, 09 February 2020

With Wellbeing Week coming up on 23rd-30th March, and a recent statistic showing that 64% of UK adults are overweight or obese, there is no better time to investigate some of the simple, healthy swaps we can make to our everyday foods, without skimping out on the taste!

Swap Bread for Oatcakes

There is no denying that bread is a well-loved staple food in our cupboards. However, if you wanted to start thinking more consciously about your health, it might be an idea to branch out and explore some of the alternatives. Oatcakes are a great alternative, and the list of why they are better for you than bread, (even wholemeal bread!) is endless.

To name just a few, oatcakes release their energy more slowly because of the slow release properties that come from the oats. This means you are more likely to have balanced energy levels throughout the day.

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns also speaks about another benefit of oatcakes compared to bread: “oatcakes can provide more natural vitamins and minerals – especially compared to white breads. Flours can be stripped of their nutrients as part of the refining process, but this doesn’t happen to the oats in oatcakes, which are unrefined and minimally processed”. Why not try the Nairn’s Super Seeded Oatcakes as a base for your favourite topping (£1.39, Waitrose)

 Swap Fizzy Drinks for Water and Fruit

A large number of us have a sweet tooth, but considering the average fizzy drink contains 35 grams of sugar, surely that’s just one step too far?! Squeezing lemon or orange (or both!) into a glass of water will still satisfy your sweet tooth, but also mean that you are in turn, upping your daily intake of water- win win! If you feel like the idea of squeezing fruit won’t quite satisfy your sweet tooth, even swapping out fizzy drinks and juices for squash sees a number of health benefits.

Swap Sugar for Sweetener 

Carrying on with the topic of sugar, the sugar situation in the UK at the moment is one of concern, with the average sugar intake for a British adult sitting high at 90g, which is three times the daily recommended amount of 30g.

Fear not tea and coffee drinkers that can’t start the day without a spoonful or two of sugar in your drinks; with sweeteners, you will still get that sweet taste, plus the benefit of not gaining those pesky extra pounds!

Natvia is an all-natural sweetener, and the perfect answer to your sugar woes (Tesco, £5.00). It contains 0 calories, and is also completely diabetic friendly. Nutritionist Alix Woods explains “studies reveal

Natvia has no effect on cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which has been found to minimise the risk of heart disease.” Give it a go tomorrow morning in your tea or coffee and reap the health benefits for yourselves.

Swap Ice cream for Frozen Yoghurt 

It’s the go-to dessert as soon as the temperature starts soaring outside have you stopped to think about the amount of sugar you’re ingesting with each bite? Good thing is, you have an option to please your palette in the form of frozen yogurts, available in loads of different flavours.

We suggest a fruit based yoghurt rather than chocolate chip for example to keep the health benefits soaring! To put this into perspective, a small cup of vanilla ice cream contains 275 calories while a similar helping of frozen yogurt contains closer to 100 calories.


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