Help your well-being with 5 top products to help you raise your game!


Dealing with the hustle and bustle of your commute; hitting those work targets, trying to squeeze in the gym, as well as finding time to achieve that work/life balance, all in a day - ring any bells? All these factors can impact your wellbeing and motivation. To show yourself some TLC and soothe those stress levels here are 5 ways help you feel more positive….

1.Smell your way to a better mood

boss babe

Vanilla may be associated with being ‘bland’ but this scent is anything but, when it comes to your happiness, according to research. The study. discovered that taking a whiff of vanilla promoted feelings of relaxation and joy. To help you boost your mood, as well as smelling dreamy, try Miss Guided’s Boss Babe (£28, is a fruity floral scent with notes of bergamot, pear, pistachio, almond milk, orange blossom, magnolia, patchouli, amber, sweet tonka, vanilla, musk and creamy sandalwood.

2. Make the most of the Mediterranean diet

For Blue Monday and beyond, why not embrace the Mediterranean diet. According to research, there is a clear link between following the Mediterranean diet and a lower risk of depression. So, if you’re undecided on what to have for your dinner, try opting for an omega-3 and veggie packed meal.

3. Stress less for clearer skin


Racing for that train and trying to get that work/life balance can all cause stress, which could be causing havoc on your skin, due to those cortisol levels rising! Take some time out after a long day and show both your skin and general wellbeing some TLC, with Sesderma’s SENSYSES Liposomal Classic Cleanser(£10.90, This can work wonders for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as it contains Panthenol and Soybean to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, moisturise and heal the skin.

4. Sleep your way to a better mood


Sleep is essential to help you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead and having a relaxing nightly routine can help you get the most of your slumber. To help you feel relaxed and ready to hit the sheets make sure you use the Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow£34.99, Not only can silk feel more indulgent and prevent fine lines but it also helps your skin to breathe, so night sweats can become a thing of the past. Say hello to a blissful night’s sleep!

5. Is your gut health contributing to your mood?

It may be worth thinking about your gut health, when you want to give your mood a boost. The relationship between the digestive system and a person’s psychological state is commonly referred to as the “Gut Brain” Axis and essentially, the health of our gut bacteria can influence feelings of anxiety and general wellbeing.


In order to maintain a healthy digestive system try LQ Digestive Care 50ml liquid supplement (£29.99, Boots). Taking a daily shot of LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care with its cocktail of carefully formulated ingredients (each with individual benefits), can do wonders for maintaining gut health. Containing one of the most effective natural remedies for bloating: peppermint oil, it even tastes pleasant!