WW Launches Digital 360 App

D360 Coach Natalie Chassay

WW (Weight Watchers) International, have announced its newest membership plan, Digital 360 (D360) to the market, designed to give members next-level support, motivation and accountability through live and on-demand content.

Backed by WW’s proven behavioural science, this new membership offers a reimagined 360 (degree) approach to weight loss coaching: guidance, expert insight from coaches you trust and motivation from a like-minded community for weight loss and total body wellness. 

D360 is specifically designed to meet the needs of a digitally savvy, always-on and on-the-go member. The experience is powered by a new group of inspiring WW Coaches who have expertise in what members need – including fitness, mindfulness and healthy eating.

Members can follow one—or all—of the expert Coaches on the WW app to get exclusive digital content, live coaching experiences and a catalogue of special virtual events. In addition, they get the support of their community – through Coaches and other like-minded D360 members – for advice about the WW programme, inspiration or extra encouragement when they need it in order to reach their goals.

“With such an overwhelmingly positive response to the November launch of myWW+, our newest and most personalised programme followed by all WW members, we are thrilled to offer D360 – an entirely new way for members to choose to do WW,” said Mindy Grossman, WW CEO and President.

“Coaching is the heartbeat of WW, and our expert D360 Coaches will not only support our members with their expertise and advice, but they will also introduce them to a variety of thought leaders at the forefront of wellness -to offer their unique perspectives   to our members on how to reach their goals, improve their health and achieve a life filled with possibility.”  

The D360 plan comes to life through dedicated content and experiences, which include but aren’t limited to the following: 

“At WW we have transformed our business fast since the pandemic hit and Digital 360 is our latest innovation to give members the support they need, wherever they are,” said Anna Hill, General Manager, WW UK. 

“By inspiring healthy habits for real life through completely new plans like Digital 360, we aim to be the go-to option to support the UK in living a well-balanced life for the future.”

Every D360 member will follow the myWW+ programme, which is WW’s most personalised programme to-date, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Through a deeply enriching, more interactive and personalised app experience, myWW+ offers members a plan that works best for them with new tools designed to make weight loss easier.

The programme is rooted in WW’s scientifically proven approach to weight loss and nutrition and grounded in the SmartPoints® system and ZeroPoint foods. D360 is currently available in the US and UK with plans for global expansion in 2021.  

For more information on WW and D360, please visit www.ww.com/digital360.

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