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Free, Virtual Skincare Consultation From Harley Street Plastic Surgeon David Gateley

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 29 April 2020

With covid-19 leaving many people nervous of seeking medical advice for minor injuries or skin conditions, retired NHS Consultant and Consultant Plastic Surgeon David Gateley of DRG Plastic Surgery in Harley Street is offering free, virtual consultations.

David will give management advice for minor skin injuries which have taken place during lockdown over Zoom – such as cuts, burns and door-slam injuries – as well as skin issues such as worrisome moles.

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He will advise patients as to whether they need to seek face-to-face medical treatment. These virtual consultations will be free of charge with participants encouraged to make a donation to NHS Charities Together.

To book a virtual ‘lockdown injury consultation’ with David Gateley (MA FRCS FRCS (Plast)), please visit https://drg-plasticsurgery.co.uk/ or call +44 (0)208 393 5160.

Consultations are FREE, with a suggested donation of £60 to NHS Charities Together: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3197205

David Gateley (MA FRCS FRCS (Plast)), 60, is among the leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons operating in the UK today. He is a master at his craft after a 32 year career in the NHS, including training the country’s next generation of plastic surgeons at St George’s Hospital (Europe’s largest teaching hospital) in London.

David is one of the cosmetic industry’s best kept secrets with patients of his private practice, DRG Plastic Surgery, largely hearing about him through direct recommendation from those working in the medical community.

David’s virtual ‘lockdown injury consultations’ will provide support for a wide range of minor skin lesions and injuries – including help with cuts, burns, grazes, door-slam and fall injuries but also advice on things like moles, lumps and minor hand problems.

In a 20 minute virtual consultation, David will assess the patient, provide home management advice or facilitate them with the right person or treatment to approach for further help.

The aim of the virtual consultations is to enable patients to get the advice they need without having to leave their homes, but also to help stop patients presenting later with problems that needed sorting sooner.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon David Gateley said; “One of the secondary health issues, which is being caused by the coronavirus crisis, is that non-critical medical problems are being left as people avoid seeking medical advice. 

It may seem fine to delay medical intervention for issues which look minor but this is often difficult for the lay person to assess.

For example, you may have cut your finger and have dealt with it without much problem, but if the location of the cut means it affects how your finger bends, you have a more serious issue. Injuries or conditions which would benefit from early medical intervention may cause long-term problems if they are not addressed.

Virtual consultations offer the chance for people to find out if they can safely leave any injuries incurred during lockdown or whether it would be best to seek medical help.”

David Gateley is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at DRG Plastic Surgery in Harley Street and at NakedHealth MEDISPA in Wimbledon. He has worked for 32 years in Plastic Surgery including for the NHS at St George’s Hospital, London.


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