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Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Sin

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

Beauty and fashion icon Victoria Beckham has revealed her biggest beauty sin – picking off her gel manicure.

Sharing her beauty faux pas on her recent vlog, Victoria divulged: “I literally pick all my gel manicure off during board meetings.”

Picking your gel is known to cause damage to your nails, as it can remove nail layers, leaving them brittle, thin and uneven. The UK’s number 1 Selling LED Gel Polish Brand, SensatioNail, have shared their top tips via their Expert Nail Technician Sarah Woodward, on how to remove your gel manicure the right way, and with the tools that won’t damage fragile nails.


Acetone Free: “Most people who have gel manicures often wonder how to remove gel nails at home without using harsh chemicals and solvents, such as Acetone, and now, we at SensatioNail have created a way that is easy to do so. The StripGel Peel Off Base Coat, £15 lets you simply peel off your manicure as this will be the first coat you put on before you apply the coloured polish.

This base coat also protects your nails and stops them being damaged when peeling the polish off.  Even with this base coat on it will not shorten the length of your manicure – you can still enjoy up to 2 weeks of gel shine.”

Shield Your Nails: “If waiting for a base to dry isn’t for you as you’re pressed for time, then SensatioNail also offer Peel Off Nail Shields, £8.

These can also prevent the nail from becoming damaged such as thinning, cracking or become brittle. Peel off Nail Shields are just like having a peel off base coat, they are sheer film that coat the nails prior to gel polish, meaning your own nail is protected. Removal works much like a peel off base coat.

Simply soak your nails for 5 minutes in warm water, before lifting the nail shield from the cuticle end with tweezers.”

Wrap Them Up: “Another option is the SensatioNail Removal Wraps, which work with the SensatioNail Rremover Liquid and the Remover Tool. Simply tear open the foil wrap and pour the liquid on to the cotton pad, which you’ll find inside, and then wrap up your nail tightly for around 20 minutes.

After this time, the polish will flake away and whatever is left, you can discard with the remover tool. The remover tool, which has an angled tip, gently forces the polish off the nail. If you were to buy these three products separately they would cost £20.00, but at, we offer a removal bundle for just £17.00.”