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The 10 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities In The UK

Sunday November 1st is all about plant-based food: it’s World Vegan Day. A vegan diet has been popular for a while and is a trend that continues to grow.

Maybe you fancy it due to the idea of making a positive contribution to the climate, you think animals are friends and not  food, or you think about the benefits for your own health?

In the past this often meant eating a limited diet of vegetables, chickpeas or lentils, but nowadays mouthwatering creations are  served.  

Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals has analysed data from Happy Cow to find out which cities boast the greatest number of vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés in relation to the size of the population in each city. If it’s not possible to visit these foodie locations in person, we’ll also tip on which amazing restaurants offer home delivery!  

1. Brighton – 9.14 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

The reigning champion title goes to Brighton, a city that continuously comes out on top of  rankings of this kind (including our 2019 one!). Vegans and non-vegans alike will be spoilt for  choice with an abundance of tasty food options in this cultural and hipster hub.  

Restaurant tip: What The Pitta – If you think that eating a plant-based diet means saying  goodbye to meaty favourites such as döner kebabs, think again! This fast food takeaway offers  vegan versions of it all: ChickN nuggets, soya gyros and plenty of falafel. There are even  vegan desserts! (14 East St, Brighton, England, BN1 1HP) or order for delivery via deliveroo.

2. Oxford – 5.81 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

A fairly surprising runner-up is the small university city of Oxford. Oxford was never known for  being a particularly vegan-friendly place but has really upped its game recently. Head to The  Fir Tree Pub on a Sunday to satisfy your soul with a vegan roast! 

Restaurant tip: Happy Friday Kitchen – Oxford’s number 1 restaurant for 100% plant-based  American soul food. Go for a California seitan burger for main and satisfy your sweet tooth  with a dessert of deep-fried cookie dough served with vegan “Notella”. (282 Cowley Rd,  Oxford, England, OX4 1UR) or order for delivery via deliveroo. 

3. Edinburgh – 5.50 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants  

Claiming the final podium position is the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. This historic city boasts  a vibrant student life due to its four international universities and in turn offers a wide range of  vegan-friendly places to eat. Edinburgh is home to an impressive number of vegan-friendly  eateries and shops to suit the requirements of all types of visitors.  

Restaurant tip: Novapizza – Spaghetti Alla Carbonara or Pepperoni pizza, you can indulge in  all of the best Italian food there is to offer – vegan versions, of course! (42 Howe St, Edinburgh,  Scotland, EH3 6TH) or order for delivery via deliveroo. 

4. Cambridge – 5.39 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

Cambridge is another university city that climbed its way to the top of this ranking, just missing  out on a spot in the top 3, but still has a lot to shout about. The rise in vegan-friendly offerings  here is most likely also due to its large student population.  

Restaurant tip: Thrive – This plant-based cafe and bistro serves up vegan version of British  favourites, including tofish n’ chips and chargrilled cauliflower steak. (5-7 Norfolk St,  Cambridge, England, CB12LD). Order for home delivery here.  

5. York – 4.63 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

Next up on the list is the northern cathedral city of York. Yorkshire is a county famous for its  traditional Sunday roasts and Yorkshire puddings, but in recent years York has made an effort  to turn itself into a vegan-friendly destination. 

Restaurant tip: The Orchid Vegan Restaurant – Chinese food is one of the most popular  cuisines across the UK, but the menu isn’t always the most vegan-friendly… well look no  further! This fully vegan Chinese restaurant serves up vegan prawn toast, vegan lemon  chicken and vegan shredded beef! (16 George Hudson St, York, England, YO1 6LP). Order  online for home delivery here. 

6. Newcastle – 4.56 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

Next up is another northern city. Newcastle is the home to many vegan groups and societies  and hosts a number of events year-round. Newcastle Vegan Festival is usually held yearly in  October or November, and sadly can’t go ahead this year, but tickets are already available for  2021!  

Restaurant tip: Karma Kitchen Cafe – Tofu pakora, spicy curries and tandoori pizzas are just  a handful of the delights you can find here! This all vegan Indian restaurant will not disappoint.  (6 Bigg Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, NE1 1UW) or order for home delivery via  their website. 

7. Glasgow – 4.56 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

The second city flying the flag for Scotland is Glasgow. Glasgow has an abundance of vegan friendly restaurants, cafes and stores. Again, being another student-focused city has resulted  in the rise in ever-growing popularity of veganism.  

Restaurant tip: Durty Vegan Burger Club – Eating plant-based doesn’t have to mean you miss  out on some great junk food. Head to DVBC and order a katsu burger with a side of macaroni  cheeze, barbeque jackfruit & steamed kale! (The Cran, 994 Argyle St, Glasgow, Scotland, G3  8UL) Order online here.  

8. Norwich – 4.21 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

Norwich is a historic city but still manages to come out on top in the modern vegan world. The  group ‘Norwich Vegans’ was founded in 2014 and has contributed to the fast-growing  popularity of veganism across the city, with over 3,000 likes on Facebook and counting. 

Restaurant tip: Erpingham House – If fine dining is your style, this is the place for you. Treat  yourself to their roasted mock lamb served with mint sauce, sauteed new potatoes, courgette,  red onion, spinach and peas! (22 Tombland, Norwich, England, NR3 1RF). If you’d rather  enjoy your meal from the comfort of your home, order via deliveroo.  

9. Nottingham – 3.99 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants 

Again, another city with a young, student feel, Nottingham has been making a name for itself  as a growing vegan and veggie hotspot. Whether you fancy a weekday brunch, evening junk  food or weekend roast, you’ll find plenty of vegan-friendly options here.  

Restaurant tip: Prickly Pear – An all-vegan cafe which specialises in colourful homemade  delights such as breakfasts, burgers and tacos! Enjoy a breakfast plate of tofu, avocado, fresh  salsa and green pesto served on toasted sourdough. Order online via deliveroo. 

10. Cardiff – 3.77 restaurants / 15,000 inhabitants  

Finally, Cardiff offers a strong number of vegan-friendly options for its residents and tourists  to enjoy. Many of these restaurants are located in the heart of the city, making hopping from  one to another very easy.

If visiting these restaurants in person isn’t an option, fear not as  many of them offer takeaway and delivery options.  

Restaurant tip: Mugs and Momos – Vegan Tibetan and Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of  Cardiff. This cafe is located next to a Buddhist Mindfulness & Wellbeing Centre, and is the  perfect place to grab a bite to eat or tea with friends. Treat yourself to some Tibetan dumplings,  a stir fry or Buddha bowl. (248 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff, Wales, CF5 1GZ). Available for order  online via their website. 

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