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Valencia Home, Away and Third Kits for the 20/21 Season ‘Born from Bravery’ Motto

PUMA have unveiled the Valencia Home, Away and Third kits for the 20/21 season under the banner ‘Born from Bravery’.

This motto serves as the inspiration for all three Valencia kits. Each new kit is influenced by an iconic person or place synonymous with the city, having been an example of improvement and influence throughout the world.

The three influences are; the Silk Exchange, the orange industry and the painter Joaquín Sorolla. The three new kits utilize patterns, prints and colors inspired by the multicultural blends that define the city and will influence future generations.

Valencia home


The new Valencia Home kit features a striking print inspired by the ribbed vault of the emblematic Silk Exchange building located in the heart of the city.

The Home kit is a celebration of the city’s culture, which is a vital part of the club’s DNA. The jersey color is Valencia’s traditional white with black sleeves.

Valencia away


The new Valencia Away kit is inspired by Valencia’s famous orange industry, a huge part of the city’s culture and economy.

The jersey incorporates a unique print on a vibrant orange base featuring a navy stripe running down the shoulders.

Valencia third


The Valencia Third kit is inspired by the famous painter Joaquín Sorolla. The incredible design and color scheme of the jersey represent the light capturing the Mediterranean.

This was a style and theme used by Joaquín Sorolla in many of his paintings. The jersey features a soft print in a combination of grey, lavender and sky blue.

The Valencia Home, Away and Third kits will be available from August 5th at PUMA.com, Valenciacf.com, the official Valencia stores and select retailers worldwide.


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