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TruChallenge Platform Helps Young People Participate In Celeb-Inspired Sport

An online platform that gets young people participating in sports challenges set by the stars they look up to is calling on creators and influencers to help them create a global community of #TruChallengers.

TruChallenge, backed by sports legends such as Gilberto Silva, Kevin Pietersen and Robert Pires, features a huge range of exciting sports challenges inspired by stars from around the world that help young people get active in a time where organised sports are struggling.

Combining the power of the internet and the power of sport, the platform is looking to create a team of frequent collaborators that can better help them get involved in doing various challenges on the pitch, in their garden or even in their own bedroom.

The challenges range from specific sports skills – like performing a nutmeg on an opposition player – to everyday habits for the better, such as taking a cold shower every day.

Creators can benefit from working with TruChallenge as the platform can help their content reach other pages and corners of the internet they weren’t able to before. 

As more and more challenges go live, responses from creators and influencers will see them being shared on the social media pages of the stars the platform works with.

Current Manchester United star Fred used the platform to set a challenge of his own to his fans. 

With all of the responses it garnered, Fred’s social media page saw an audience growth of 46%, with the post itself resulting in a massive 243% growth in engagement.

With ongoing lockdown and social distancing measures, the happiness that sports can bring is being lost. 

TruChallenge understands how the sporting community can come together and bring this same happiness in an online space and are excited about the future of bringing fans and icons together in 2021 and beyond.

Their team of #TruChallengers will help make this process more easily achieved on a larger scale.

To become part of the #TruChallenger team, head to the TruChallenge website and get in contact with them.

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