Tony Bellew reveals strict diet regime ahead of Oleksandr Usyk showdown


This weekend at the Manchester Arena Tony Bellew, 35, aims to become the undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world when he takes on Oleksandr Usyk.

Bellew returns to cruiserweight on Saturday night for a clash with undisputed champion Usyk (Pic: GETTY)

It will be Bellew’s first fight back at cruiserweight since his win over BJ Flores in October 2016, which came before two memorable heavyweight triumphs over David Haye.

The Evertonian is a huge underdog heading into the fight, with his much-feared opponent regarded by many as one of the most talented fighters on the planet.

And ‘Bomber’ has no qualms in knowing what’s needed to beat Usyk insisting he has had to adopt a strict diet plan in order to drop back below his prime fight weight of 200 pounds.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 5 Live Boxing podcast Bellew said; “I’m 203 pounds today. Three pounds over with a week to go, it’s fantastic,”

“I’ve prepared diligently. It’s got to be perfect, everything to plan, two pounds a week every week.

“The first week of camp or 10 days was quite hard, I had to do a zero-carb diet and I shed between 10 and 14 pounds in the first week.

“And then it allowed me to then go back to the two pound a week every week, chipping and chipping.

Bellew jumped up to heavyweight in two recent wins over David Haye (Pic: GETTY)

“I just enjoyed life a bit too much, but in all honesty I was retired. I was on my honeymoon and I enjoyed life, then this monster started screaming my name with all four belts around his waist and I answered the phone.

“It’s added another level of focus and discipline, that’s all it’s added.

“I’ve always been focused and disciplined, but even when I was making light-heavyweight if I wanted to have a roast dinner on a Sunday I could.

“I haven’t had a piece of bread for 11 weeks. I miss a bagel. I miss a bar of chocolate.”

Win, lose or draw, Bellew has confirmed Saturday’s showdown with Usyk will be his last ever outing, but one thing is for sure 35-year-old is convinced he will sign off on a high.

“This fella is unlike any other fighter in the world. He’s a one-off. He’s a maverick. He’s formidable. He’s brilliant at what he does.

“But I just know I’m going to find a way. I know I’m going to beat him and it’s not going to be a surprise to me.

“I’m going to break his heart.”