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The Running Boom May Be Reversing

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 05 June 2020

The most comprehensive study of the Copenhagen Marathon, over the last six years, released today from Runnerclick reveals new insights about differences in runners in different age groups and gender.

Analyzing more than 40,000+ running records over the last six years, for the Copenhagen Marathon, the data reveals surprising findings including the decrease in the younger generation, while the older generation increases in participation.

The age group 60-69 has increased the most in age participation (64.8%) over the last six years, which also reveals that the age group 0-19 has had the highest decrease in participation.

Another surprising finding was that the women runners have increased their participation by over 27% while the men have only increased by 7%. The total increase between genders is 11.6%.

A breakdown of the stand out data can be found here, on RunnerClick.

About RunnerClick:

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