The Bear Grylls Adventure is a global first adventure attraction located at the NEC in Birmingham.


The attraction - which has a minimum age of 11 years old - starts with Basecamp, consisting of four team and individual challenges which will equip thrill seekers with all the skills needed for any adventure. It was created and inspired by Bear’s own military experiences and past adventures from across the globe.

Basecamp includes:

Navigate the tricky maze under pressure. When the lights go out and the walls are squeezing in, when faced with some terrifying encounters, you find out what you’re really made of!
Bear advises: “The best way through your fears is straight through the middle.”

Channel your inner commando spirit and take on the assault course. This requires adventurers to balance, jump, climb and scramble their way through and always against the clock. This challenge is inspired by the famous royal marines course in Lympstone. 
Guests are advised by Bear to push themselves hard: “It is only through adversity that we find what we are capable of - and it is always the struggle that develops our strength.”


The ultimate adventurer must also possess pin point accuracy under pressure. Following a brief from trained archers, visitors will get to grips with a bow and arrow and put their skills to practice. Use the survivor spirit to get yourself onto the scoreboard and beat Bear’s own score.
Bear says: “No target is just practice.”

Those brave enough will race against time to crack codes, solve puzzles and find their way out of the themed escape room. Use logic and resourcefulness to get out in record time by finding clues and completing mental challenges with your team. This isn’t any regular escape room – be prepared for some BG-style surprises if you want to escape!
Bear’s hint: “Survival is about making calm, smart decisions under pressure. Get that bit right and the rest will fall into place!”

The hero activities will replicate some of Bear’s incredible adventures and includes indoor skydiving, climbing walls with routes replicating famous mountain terrains including El Capitan and Fontainebleau, the highest high ropes course in Europe, and diving with Black Tip Reef Sharks.

Tickets to Basecamp will be priced at £25, with combined Basecamp and hero adventure packages starting from £35. If visitors are up for the ultimate challenge, The Bear Grylls Adventure offers a Go ALL in Pass for just £175 for a full day adventure.

Visit for further information and to buy tickets.