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Sock Company getting its swag on with socks made from recycled plastics

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

Brand new apparel company swaggr socks is making fresh waves in the fashion industry with its use of recycled plastics in their designs.

With over 91% of single-use plastics not currently being recycled and Studies showing 8 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans each year, swaggr has found an to find the innovative way to utilize the plastics making socks out of recycled plastic bottles whilst also helping more people see the value in making sustainable choices.

The US fashion brand swaggr was established only this year (2018) by husband and wife David and Katy Katz. The company is launching with one perfectly designed sock but hopes to expand into other designs, patterns, and functions.

swaggr started with the mission to make the best, most comfortable socks around. After a year long process, swaggr found that polyester breathes best, stretches for performance, and keeps athletes clean and dry. In order to stick with the mission of sustainability and create a high performance sock, swaggr developed a proprietary blend that utilizes 85% Repreve yarn in the athletic socks. This means that there are more than two plastic bottles in every pair!

“We got sick of our athletic socks wearing out so we wanted to make a better sock that also did a small part to help the environment. We’re so proud of what we came up with and truly believe they are the most comfortable socks you will ever wear.”

— Founder, David Katz

The genius idea that although won’t solve the global issue overnight is still making an attempt to put right the worlds wrongs, by putting our plastics to good use and hopefully other fashion brands will soon follow suit in finding a solution to our plastic issues.

Our Planet Needs Our Help

Plastic bottles, straws, and bags all are being found in the stomachs of sea creatures and wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. Once this plastic enters the ocean, it lasts for at least 400 years — but not in it’s full form. The large plastics start to break down into smaller pieces that are forming mass clouds which have been given names like “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” — now larger than the state of Texas!

Features of swaggr Performance Socks:

●  Stretch to every size foot — from a child’s size one to a men’s adult sixteen

●  The heel stays in place helping with durability

●  Seamless toe improves comfort

●  Ventilation weave for breathability

●  Arch support where athletes need it most

The socks are currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

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