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Tips to Survive a Stress-Filled Work Week

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 10:28, 02 March 2020

Feeling stressed in today’s society is pretty much inevitable.  But how stressed you get or how often this happens are two things that you can have a great influence over.

Without smart habits for dealing with situations that could be stressful, life can be a whole lot more burdensome than it needs to be.

You may feel tired before the week has barely begun, be overwhelmed on a daily basis, get an upset stomach, headaches or migraines too often and even start to feel burned out.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 tips for dealing with stress from some of our experts:

Take time out

Rosie Millen, nutritionist and UK’s leading burnout coach (www.missnutritionist.com) says this means having a breather where you can – even just for 5 minutes or taking your full hour lunch break and stepping outside – or even better – plan a trip away to escape the never ending demands! The best way to do this is to block out time in the diary to actually do this AND do it with someone else so they are accountable for you doing it! For example, block 2 hours off on the next coming Sunday to go for a massage or a long walk in the park with a friend. As soon as you meet both of you turn off your phones for the following 2 hours and make an effort to switch off. It will seem hard but so easy and refreshing when you’ve done it once.

Keep your daily to-do list very short.

One simple way to improve your productivity is to keep an agenda, which can provide you with a great time-management plan and help alleviate any overwhelming stress feelings.  Making daily lists of 1-3 most important tasks also helps keep on top of deadlines.

Snack on Dark Chocolate

According to nutritionist Cassandra Barns, “Cacao is high in magnesium, which helps to calm the nervous system, and contains a natural chemical called phenylethlamine (PEA) that’s associated with good mood. So, for the best stress-busting effects, go for a high-cacao, lower-sugar dark chocolate such as Ombar 72% Cacao (RRP: £3.49, Waitrose Free-From Aisle).

Run it off

Benefit from Oats 

Oats are an effective mood booster because they slowly release energy into the bloodstream, which keeps blood sugar and mood stable (as opposed to providing a ‘sugar high’ that will quickly crash, leaving you feeling more irritable). Nutritionist Cassandra Barns recommends starting the day with a big bowl of porridge: porridge oats provide slow-releasing carbohydrates to help replenish your muscle glycogen (the energy stored in your muscles) and are a good source of magnesium, which may support relaxation. Stir in chopped nuts, raspberries or sliced strawberries, and cinnamon.” Now there’s a breakfast to get out of bed for! “And as a healthy ‘staple’ to regulate blood sugar and mood throughout the day, try snacking on Nairn’s Rough Oatcakes (£1, Sainsbury’s), delicious on their own or with a range of toppings”.

Calm down with CBD

CannabiGold Terpenes+ food supplement is aimed at supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system and maintaining a person’s overall wellbeing. Following the success of CannabiGold, the product has been updated to remain in line with UKs highest standards and further ensure the formula is THC free.

CannabiGold Terpenes+ contains a unique combination of beneficial ingredients including CBD and terpenes that can be found naturally in hemp, delivering the most effective way to support the optimum function of the human body.

CBD, is one of many phytocannabinoids, which are the natural substances present in the cannabis sativa plant that contain the nutritional and medicinal properties associated with the plant.



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