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Super-A Is The Future Of Fitness!

THERE ARE NO guarantees in life – but becoming a Super-A (biologically younger than your actual age) is as close you will get to a healthier, longer life. We zoom called Mr. Super-A, aka Wayne Lèal, the epitome of good health and the SUPER-A concept’s creator at the Super-A studio in London. 

The following is a testament to what he has achieved, and his profile reads: featured in world-wide media and on BBC News and Channel 9 TV.

Live with Andy Devaney from Super-A on Vimeo.

A published author (Lone Wolf), Senior Yoga instructor, NLP Coach, former magazine publisher, designed the livery for an international airline and a small businessman of the year award. He has cheated death, injured every major joint in his body, and had several invasive surgeries.

Few people can claim to have built their studio, taught at the world’s best spas, and trained world champion athletes and industry captains.

His training programs KUN-AQUA and JUMPGA (endorsed by the Yoga Alliance Professionals) acknowledge that getting your mind and body into shape at 40 and over is different from the one you faced at 20.

He said; I intend to build a global fitness tribe. We’ll deliver our message in new and compelling ways offering new perspectives on physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and social wellbeing.

People with the most desirable lifestyles seek his advice, placing responsibility for their whole wellbeing in his ‘SUPER-AGEING’ philosophy.

Wayne said, ‘Over 40’s Fitness – it’s not about age – it’s about mindset. Ageing is inevitable, but how we age is different for everyone.

The desire to defy age and improve physical performance is as ancient as human history itself. The discipline to exercise is not necessarily there in people who need to do it the most.

When you want to exercise but don’t, it, most likely, results from not being sufficiently motivated. You will only achieve something if you want it; it’s as simple as that.’

To hear the man for yourself, watch the Sustain Health magazine interview: Super-A is the Future of Fitness.