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The Top Five Sugar Taking Cities In The UK

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

With scientists from the University College London now saying people don’t need sugar to enjoy their tea(1), shocking new figures have revealed how much people across the country are actually taking in their brews, with 1 in 30 people (3%) admitting to having five spoons or more.

The study by sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, revealed that 37% of Brits take sugar and of those that do, people from Norwich have the most, at 3.3 spoonfuls and an average of six cups a day. Geordies have the second most, at 2.6 spoonfuls, whilst the national average was found to be just under two spoons. Men admitted to having 2.2 spoons, compared to 1.7 spoonfuls for women.

The poll of 2,000 people also discovered that out of the staggering 45m Brits who drink tea, roughly five cups are consumed per day, per person. That’s 225m cups of tea being gulped down every day in the UK. One in 20 (5%) admitted to having a staggering 12 cups of tea in a day, whilst Belfast guzzles down an impressive seven cups a day on average.

People from Glasgow were the least likely to have sugar in a cuppa, with over three quarters (76%) saying they don’t have any.

Top five sugar taking cities in the UK (average spoonfuls):

1. Norwich – 3.3

2. Newcastle – 2.6

3. York – 2.5

4. London – 2.3

5. Coventry – 2.2

Top five tea-drinking cities in the UK (average cups drank a day):

1. Belfast – 7 cups

2. Norwich – 6 cups

3. Liverpool – 5.4 cups

4. Oxford – 5.3 cups

5. Leeds – 5.2 cups

Referring to the recent study conducted by UCL and the University of Leeds, the team found that: ‘reducing sugar in tea doesn’t affect liking, suggesting long-term behaviour change is possible’. The scientists said quitting in one go or reducing intake gradually were both effective strategies to reduce consumption.

See how tea drinking habits differ regionally here: