Why STRYYK is the Only Non-Alcoholic Spirit Brand You Need This Summer


Are you cutting down on the booze but can’t bear another sugary fizzy drink? Does the word “mocktail” make you cringe horribly, begging for something that doesn’t make you feel like you’re at a child’s birthday party? Alex Carlton and Jack Horner felt exactly the same. After having had enough of the lack of sophisticated alcohol alternatives on offer to those looking to reduce their ABV consumption, they launched their brand new non-alcoholic spirit alternative, STRYYK, at the end of last year.

STRYYK zero-proof spirits are delicious alternatives to traditional, alcoholic spirits and have been expertly developed to allow drinkers and non-drinkers alike to enjoy the drinks they love without compromising the moment or the following day.  STRYYK lets drinkers do everything they normally would, with the same group of friends and their favourite mixed drinks and cocktails, just without the hangover. And what’s more, all STRYYK spirits are 100% natural with no added sugar, no carbs, no calories, and no artificial flavours.  STRYYK is the healthier choice for those wanting to adjust their lifestyle without compromising drinks they know and love or the experience of a great night out.

After a few tweaks of the original recipe, STRYYK are relaunching their products- NOT GIN, NOT RUM and NOT VODKA- just in time for summer. NOT GIN is a crisp combination of juniper, rosemary, and basil, NOT RUM is a unique mix of clove, oakwood, and grapefruit that creates a spirit that looks like rum and tastes like rum, and NOT VODKA is a triumphant fusion of cucumber, coriander and apple that carries all the kick you’d expect from a traditional vodka. Each zero-proof spirit has been carefully designed to provide a sophisticated, alcohol-free drink with no compromise on flavour. Simply STRYYK an old favourite – a NOT GIN and tonic, a NOT RUM and ginger or a NOT VODKA, soda and lime – or use it as the base for your own creation. 

STRYYK spirits can be found at a variety of online stockists, including Amazon and Ocado, and is stocked at bars across London and the UK.