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The Sports That Attract The Opposite Sex, Based On Your Star Sign!

If you’re trying to get fit, but you’re struggling to decide which sport is right for you. Studies have found there is a link between sports and attraction, so playing the right sport can attract the attention of a potential partner.

Golfsupport.com investigated various character traits associated with each star sign to reveal what type of sports you should consider to attract the opposite sex.

Golf support also surveyed 50 men and women with various star signs to get their opinion.

What sports do men like women to play?  

1. Aries: Lacrosse (shows bravery, focus and strength)

2. Taurus: Weightlifting (shows strength and determination)

3. Gemini: Volleyball (shows you’re flexible and laid back)

4. Cancer: Yoga (shows confidence and positivity)

5. Leo: Any (shows a healthy life)

6. Virgo: Pilates (shows mindfulness)

7. Libra: Gymnastics (shows balance and stability)

8. Scorpio: Skiing (shows fearlessness)

9. Sagittarius: Riding (shows you are independent)

10. Capricorn: Hockey (shows endurance and awareness)

11. Aquarius: Surfing (shows adventure)

12. Pisces: Swimming (shows control and restraint)

What Sports do women like men to play?  

1. Aries: MMA and boxing (shows competitiveness and confidence)

2. Taurus: Body building (shows strength and bravery)

3. Gemini: Rowing (shows stability)

4. Cancer: Golf (shows you’re organised and aware)

5. Leo: Any

6. Virgo: Walking (shows a chilled, laid-back personality)

7. Libra: Ice hockey (shows you are elegant)

8. Scorpio: Rock climbing (shows strength)

9. Sagittarius: Archery (shows precision and accuracy)

10. Capricorn: Cross-country running (shows endurance and motivation)

11. Aquarius: Mountain biking (shows you’re a risk-taker)

12. Pisces: Swimming (shows you are self-driven)

 “Men who play golf give off the impression that they are well mannered, organised and respectful. It’s a really attractive sport for me.”

Melissa W. – Cancer  

“I really love a girl that plays sports. I prefer women who play competitive sports to show their assertiveness and confidence as these are the sort of personalities I find attractive.”

Andrew C. – Aries