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Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life


Last updated on February 20th, 2022 at 01:03 PM

There are many elements that go into a great sexual encounter. Some of these components include mutual attraction and self-confidence.

But when the moment comes to perform you want to know you have the strength and stamina to bring your A-game and enjoy a strong finale.

“Having a body that’s optimised for great sex and looking like an Instagram model are not mutually exclusive,” says Vince Sant,  co-founder and lead trainer of V Shred, the online training platform that has taken the world by storm in recent years.

“Some of the smaller muscle that you didn’t even know you have sometimes made the biggest difference.”

Sant explains that there’s a logical relationship between being fit and more enjoyable sex life.

Muscle tone and cardiovascular health help us perform better and have more gratifying orgasms. Mentally, physical fitness plays a huge roll in one’s confidence which is just as much a part of sex as your partner’s attraction to you.

For these 7 exercises, we are focusing on fortifying the stabilizing muscles in the pelvis, lower back, and core.

This group of muscles is responsible for handling any position you get into with your partner and enjoy intense finales.

High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

“Your stamina and endurance are central to sex. Interval training helps increase just that. The great thing about H.I.I.T is that you can make it a part of any of your cardio and bodyweight routines,”  says Sant who makes H.I.I.T a fundamental part of his fitness programs.

Lying Leg Raises

Side lyng mini band leg raise

Not only does this move engage your lower abs, thighs, and glutes but it also challenges your hip flexor muscles. “The hip flexors include the psoas muscle which connects your spine to your legs.

The Iliacus muscle located deep within the pelvis which helps rotate your thigh bone and is helpful in sustaining certain positions in bed, explains Sant.

Other muscles engaged by this exercise are the rectus femoris (one of the four quads muscles), the pectineus muscle and the sartorius.


A strengthened core gives you the ability to maintain pleasurable positions for increased passion. For added benefit, use a stability ball to enhance your crunches.

This will work your balance and stability as well as your back which will improve your thrusting ability and help prevent back injury.



If your partner likes you being on top you have to condition your upper body and core. Push-ups accomplish exactly that.

Strengthening your arms, shoulders, and chest, push-ups help you to maintain a dominant thrust and increase energy.

“Remember to find ways to practice progressive overload in your push-ups and other resistance training by adding weights to your exercises or increasing repetitions. Resistance training has been shown to increase the male sex hormone, Testosterone,” says Sant.


“Squats mostly work your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps,” says Sant. Everything from your abs, obliques, and lower back to your calves and ankle complex are engaged in this exercise as well.

The Instagram model turned fitness mogul explains that “a lot of pleasurable positions for both partners need a stronger core and lower body to sustain the positions until orgasm.”

Stretch – The Seal Pose

People overlook stretching all the time. It is an important part of preparing for your physical activity both at the gym and in bed.

The lumbar extension aims at stretching the forward curve of the lumbar spine in your lower back. “You will be using your lower back a lot during sex and making sure the lower back is prepped for activity will prevent any pulled muscle or embarrassing moments,” says Sant

Stretch –  The Butterfly

You want to avoid waking up next to your partner the morning after you’ve had great sex feeling sore and unable to move your legs. “

The butterfly stretch helps target the groin and inner thigh. You should use this stretch after a variety of normal leg stretches to avoid overstretching the groin,” explains Sant.

He maintains that this stretch is very helpful in warding off the soreness in that hard-to-stretch area.