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What Were The Sex Trends of 2019 Around The World


Last updated on January 10th, 2021 at 05:16 PM

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 05 June 2020

A dull and uninspiring sex life can be a real passion killer, so it’s important to spice things up in the bedroom every now and then. For some this means experimenting with a new partner, while for others it means trying out new and unexplored fetishes.

To find out what sex trends and topics different nationalities are interested in, dating app Jaumo (www.jaumo.com) looked at five key internet search terms: threesome, anal sex, cuckold, doggy and spanking. The research looked at 24 million Google search terms over the past 12 months.

Interest in the conventional threesome was strong in English speaking countries, with 39% of Australians, 37% of Kiwis, 34% of Americans, 31% of Irish and 28% of Brits searching for the term. The French (29%), Spanish (28%) and Hungarians (28%) were also inclined to agree.

Anal sex and doggy came in second and third place among English speakers. The interest in anal sex was strongest among Americans (20%) and Brits (18%), while the interest from some Europeans was much stronger. 50% of Romanians and 32% of Greeks showed a curiosity for anal sex. Meanwhile the Germans, Czechs and Danes all take quite an interest in spanking.

Even more niche fetishes such as cuckoldry aroused interest in the nationals of several European countries. 31% of the Spanish, 31% of Poles and a whopping 51% of Italians made a search for the term cuckold. The interest in cuckoldry was lower among Brits (18%) and American (16%). Viewed by some as a form of masochism, this particular fetish involves a man being humiliated by watching his wife or partner performing sexual acts with another man.

Further details about the analysis can be seen here.