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Rush Trampoline Park Launches #JUMP2020 Fitness campaign for 2020

By David Saunders| UPDATED: 08:28, 20 December 2019

Jo Edwards, Fitness Director at one of the UK’s leading Trampoline Park businesses  – Rush – is launching a new fitness campaign for January 2020 called the #JUMP2020 campaign.

Open for anyone to join up online, the aim of the campaign is to get people moving their bodies on a daily basis with a simple and memorable exercise routine. People joining the campaign sign up and pledge to do 20 jumps and 20 other exercises for up to 20 minutes a day. It comes as new research reveals that 43 per cent of people expect to give up their new year’s resolutions after just one month1.

Jumping 20 times a day has been proven to make a significant difference to fitness and health. According to a study2, jumping 20 times a day anywhere on any surface provides greater bone-building benefits than running or jogging. Jumping also burns calories, blasts fat, builds core body strength and releases endorphins. Jumping also helps to cleanse and detoxify through the lymphatic system.

The campaign’s 20 jumps can be done anywhere on any surface followed by 20 exercises of your choice such as ab crunches, squats, lunges or arm raises. #JUMP2020 can be a daily fitness foundation for people to continue their own fitness routines or participants can repeat the 2020 exercises for up to 20 minutes. As it’s a campaign created by one of the UK’s leading trampoline parks, it is enhanced if you do your 20 jumps on a trampoline, whether that’s in Rush itself or on your kids trampoline at home. Exercising on a trampoline can fastrack fitness with 10 minutes on a trampoline being the equivalent of running outside for 30 minutes.

Jo Edwards, Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at Rush Trampoline Parks, said: “We are so excited to launch our #JUMP2020 campaign in January 2020. The benefit of the #JUMP2020 campaign is that it’s memorable and simple and easy to do wherever you are, its easy to add different exercises and switch up the routine and it has big weight loss and health benefits.

“20 minute workouts can be as effective as longer workouts of up to 60 minutes if you workout with maximum effort for shorter periods of time. As a busy mum myself I know short workouts are essential and my workouts can fit into any schedule. The most important thing is that people are taking part and working out consistently to see the full benefits!”

How to do #JUMP2020

1.   20 Jumps: Start with 20 jumps off the ground anywhere in anyway as long as you are getting your legs off the ground. You could try skipping, high knee jogging, jumping jacks, jumping lunges, jumping squats, burpees, tuck jumps or jumping on a trampoline.

2.   20 other exercises: These can be anything from the list below but make sure you rotate through the following areas:

Arms – e.g arm rotations

Legs – e.g squats, ballet squats,

Core – e.g plank

Abs –  e.g sit ups, crunches, leg reaches

3.   Up to 20 minutes a day: The routine is best repeated up to 20 minutes a day OR use it to kick-start your current exercise routine. It’s completely flexible!

The campaign follows Jo’s core approach to fitness – her Variable Training Technique (VTT) approach which means that anyone following Jo’s programme will have a workout plan incorporating strength, core stability, flexibility and cardio for maximum effect.

The campaign launches with a free fitness class taster day at Rush Trampoline Park in High Wycombe on Friday 10th January and anyone interested in attending a class can book by emailing The campaign is open for anyone in the UK to sign up online and on social media using the hashtag #jump2020. A number of JUMP2020 workout videos can be viewed on Jo’s Instagram

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