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Today Is Officially #QuittersDay – 16th January 2020

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 05:42, 08 December 2020

January isn’t an easy month, combining the struggle of the Christmas hangover with the extended period between paydays – things can feel pretty bleak.

Not to mention trying to stick to those pesky New Years Resolutions, who’s bright idea was it to lose weight, save money and start your side hustle in the worst month of the year?

Experts have found that the third Thursday of January is the day we’re most likely to give up on our resolutions – luckily our experts are on hand to offer their tips to make sticking to your resolutions a little easier.

Weight Loss Goals?

If, like most, your new years resolution involves losing weight, the allure of kale and the busy gym is no doubt wearing off.

Introducing ShapeLine (RRP £32.95, the world’s ‘most effective probiotic’ from Pro-Ven. ShapeLine is proven to reduce weight, waist circumference and BMI in landmark findings. (Due to be published in January 2020). 

This is the first ever probiotic to offer proven weight loss, alongside acknowledged health benefitssignifying a new and exciting era for probiotic supplements. 

This has been found to be particularly beneficial for 45 year olds looking to lose weight – women trying to shift the stubborn ‘muffin top’ and men looking to reduce their spare tyre.

These impressive weight loss results are achieved by simply taking a probiotic capsule alone; no changes to diet or exercise are required! What could be better for when you’re tiring of your New Years weight loss goals?

Fed Up Of Procrastinating?

Have you told yourself you’re going to get more ‘stuff’ done in 2019? In order to achieve this goal, look at preventing fatigue, a major cause of procrastination.

If you’re often feeling tired you could be lacking in Iron. “Iron is a mineral that promotes normal cognitive function, oxygenation of tissues, red blood cell formation, energy yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the immune system, as well as, reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Iron rich foods include oysters, organ meats such as kidney or liver, almonds, apricots, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, avocado,” explains Nutritionist at Natures Plus (, Michela Vagnini.

If you have checked with your GP and you are lacking in iron, you can top up your iron levels with Natures Plus Hema-Plex (£15.50,, a gluten free blood supporting formula that provides high-potency iron in an organically bound form, as well as synergistic nutrients, including vitamin C (to enhance iron absorption), B complex, essential minerals and wholesome botanicals.

Want To Take Control Of Stress & Anxiety?

If stress and anxiety have been a part of your 2019, you’ve perhaps given yourself the resolution to take control of this. However, with long NHS wait times and minimal funds – a more accessible and cost-effective therapy could be the ideal choice. ThinkWell-LiveWell ( the new  ‘Mindfulness and More’ toolkit draws on a multi-modular approach to add and combine leading techniques such as cognitive work, NLP, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and dream-work, delivered in both online and offline forms.

Experienced therapist and former advertising psychologist Mick Cassell created a website app to answer the needs that his professional and personal experience told him were not being met by the Mindfulness apps currently in the marketplace. Users can experiment with key personalisation filters that greatly affect the subconscious impact of their experience, from enjoyable ‘Ways In’ to the mindful state to a choice of musical backing tracks, scientifically designed to augment each stage of the online sessions; even the wording of those sessions is tailored to a user’s sensory preference, whether visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or ‘logical’. It takes 21 days to form a new habit so why not try TWLW for a month for £8.00

Keen To Start That Side Hustle?

Have you been saying 2020 is the year you start your side hustle? Mindset and Marketing Coach Isabella Venour at Mind-Style ( recommends, setting the groundwork first before you start building your dream business. “Identify your personal values, these form part of our internal compass and can have a big impact on whether we’re likely to see something through and give it our best shot. For example if you value ‘fun and freedom’ but the first six months of your business growth is based on number crunching and sitting for hours alone in front of a screen you’re more likely to struggle. The trick is to honour and keep your values in mind for example you could make sure you find different locations to do your work in or find a co-working buddy.”

“You may have the best idea in the world but if you don’t know who your audience is and how your idea is helping them, it’s going to be hard for you to attract customers. I recommend creating one of your ideal customers, bring them to life, be specific and start to learn about them, what are their needs and worries. Surround yourself with driven people you can hold yourself accountable too and lean on for support. Starting a business alone can be an exciting and steep learning curve, which many find lonely.”

Isabella runs a free Facebook group called Women Thrive a community with free tips and inspiration (

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