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Puma Presents The King Super And The KidSuper Football Collection

Puma kidsuper football4

Last updated on October 3rd, 2021 at 10:33 AM

PUMA has launched a football collection with creative collective KidSuper, which is inspired by PUMA’s football heritage and KidSuper founder Colm Dillane’s past football career in Brazil.

The collection, which follows the recently released PUMA x KidSuper streetwear collaboration, consists of the KING SUPER FG football boot, turf trainer and PUMA x KidSuper football apparel. The pieces in the collection – combine the energy and unbridled passion of football with the creativity and innovation of art.

KidSuper Studios is a creative collective based in Brooklyn, New York, which transforms streetwear and accessories with fresh takes on style, art, music, and sport.

The PUMA x KidSuper Studios collaboration is about combining the love, passion and team chemistry of football with the uniqueness, innovation and energy of the art world. 

The apparel collection features The PUMA x KidSuper Football Jersey, available in a brightly striped design that utilizes the same color palette as the building where KidSuper’s shop is located in New York. The vintage jersey features bold prints, classic stripes and a stylish collar, taking inspiration from retro football jerseys.

The apparel collection is complete with the KidSuper Football Shorts, which match the color combination of the jersey, and the KidSuper Football.


Kidsuper x puma



Kidsuper x puma

The PUMA KING is an iconic football boot and for this special product, KidSuper teamed up with Spanish International football player Héctor Bellerín to create a truly unique PUMA KING. A close friendship between Colm and Héctor developed from their love of football and fashion, which opened up the possibility of bringing a fresh new take on this all-time classic football boot.

The KING SUPER FG and the KING SUPER TT combine world class performance with KidSuper’s unique and fresh style. The white KING SUPER football boot features Colm’s iconic dove on the upper as a tribute to the origins of Colm’s name. The KidSuper superhero emblem is placed on the heel and the Love = Football logo can be found on the inside of the boot.  The address of the KidSuper store in New York is placed on the heel of the boot and the iconic PUMA KING tongue features a vibrant yellow and blue re-fresh.

Colm Dillane, KidSuper founder said: “The collection is a dream come true, from having my own football boots to building a KidSuper football pitch. I have so much love and passion for football and PUMA has historically worked with the best footballers of all time. PUMA really allowed me to be creative, I wasn’t just changing colors, I was allowed to create my own products. I haven’t seen so much originality in a collaboration yet.”

The KING SUPER FG/TT and the PUMA x KidSuper football collection is available from October 22nd at PUMA.com, PUMA stores and select retailers worldwide.