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Polar Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Wearable sports and heart rate technology company Polar, is extending its 20% off Black Friday offers to a whole week of deals from November 22-29, 2021.

This unprecedented sale will be available exclusively on Polar.com and will include nearly the entire Polar product catalogue.

Here are a few of their bestselling devices that will go on sale. The 20% discount will also apply to heart rate sensors and almost all accessories. 

Polar Vantage V2

0? Ui=2&ik=a45d0609f7&attid=0Polar Vantage V2 is our most formidable multisport watch to date – a powerful convergence of minimalist design, innovative technology, and intelligent training and recovery tools. 

RRP £449 (save 20% for Black Friday)

Available from: https://www.polar.com/uk-en/vantage/v2

Polar Grit X 

0? Ui=2&ik=a45d0609f7&attid=0Polar Grit X is an outdoor multisport watch that combines robust but lightweight design with military-standard durability and ultra-long battery life. 

RRP £379 (save 20% for Black Friday)

Available from: https://www.polar.com/uk-en/grit-x

Polar Vantage M2

0? Ui=2&ik=a45d0609f7&attid=0Polar Vantage M2 is a multisport watch with smartwatch functionality and the ideal companion to embody that athlete attitude, helping you train smarter, not harder.

RRP £269 (save 20% for Black Friday)

Available from: https://www.polar.com/uk-en/vantage/m2

Polar Ignite 

0? Ui=2&ik=a45d0609f7&attid=0Polar Ignite’s lightweight and sleek design is optimised for 24/7 use. You can wear it around the clock, and it blends in with both your workday look and your training gear. 

RRP £174.50 (save 20% for Black Friday)

Available from: https://www.polar.com/uk-en/ignite

Polar Unite 

0? Ui=2&ik=a45d0609f7&attid=0Polar Unite is a beautifully simple watch designed for those who want to be more active and live healthier. 

RRP £134.50 (save 20% for Black Friday)

Available from: https://www.polar.com/uk-en/unite

Polar Verity Sense

0? Ui=2&ik=a45d0609f7&attid=0Polar Verity Sense is an accurate OHR sensor for those looking for versatility of use. 

RRP £79.50 (save 20% for Black Friday)

Available from: www.polar.com


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