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Over 5,000 monthly searches by Brits for plus-size sportswear

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 26 June 2020

In June this year, Nike hit the headlines for their use of plus-size mannequins in their Oxford Street store, which was met with controversy across the country. So much so, the campaign was shared over 1.2 million times online (exported figures from

Credit: Nike

Even today, the use of plus-size mannequins in sportswear is still very much a talking point, which is why it remains key to have the right representation online and in stores. Analysis from found that:

  • 590 Brits a month search the keyword ‘Nike plus size mannequin’ on Google

  • There are over 5,000 individual searches MONTHLY for plus-size sportswear

The survey empowered the British public to share how they really feel about the use of plus-size mannequins in the sportswear industry:

  • 70% of Brits say Nike’s mannequin is the first time they have seen a plus-size mannequin being used

  • 83% of people believe more sportswear brands should follow the example set by Nike and include plus-size mannequins in their advertising

  • 41% of Brits say plus-size mannequins make them feel proactive; 41% say plus-size mannequins make them feel inspired and 34% say plus-size mannequins make them feel proud

  • 90% of people feel more needs to be done in the sports industry to promote inclusivity and shapes of all sizes

At the root, the survey conducted by revealed 85% of the general public believe plus-size mannequins advertising sportswear is a good thing.

An overwhelming 80% do NOT believe plus-size mannequins glorify obesity and 82% claim seeing a plus-size mannequin in a sportswear store will make them more interested in a brand. 

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