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Plant-Based Living Festival to Launch in London 2020

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:42, 19 November 2019

As the newest Lifestyle festival to hit the capital, Plant-Powered Expo will be storming Olympia London on February 1st/2nd 2020 as the ultimate fiesta for sumptuous plant-based food, sustainable entertainment and ethically-conscious living; the perfect place to maintain your healthy, fitness-focussed New Year’s resolutions.

Once  Veganuary  2020 is complete,  the feel-­‐good festival’s  debut will continue to bring  enjoying whole,  minimally-­‐processed  foods that avoid animal  products, with a focus on  vegetables, fruits, whole-­‐grains,  legumes,  seeds and  nuts to the  forefront.

Perfect  for those  who are new  to plant-­‐based  living and bursting  with colour, flavour and  variety, Plant-­‐ Powered  Expo will  offer a world  of knowledge to  the curious, be a  lively family day out  and stand as the    new  calendar  highlight for  those already involved  in healthy routines and  cutting-­‐edge culture.

International  cookery classes,  Lifestyle markets featuring  the latest conscious products  and fitness  workshops  will be among  the 235 stalls showcasing  targeted, plant-­‐based expertise.  The soon-­‐to-­‐be legendary  Global Food  Court will host  a stunning list of  caterers offering only  the most sumptuous dishes  from  around  the world.

Organiser,  Tim Barford,  says “Plant  Powered  Expo is custom  built for people  new to a plant-­‐based  lifestyle,  experimenting  with plant based  options and wanting  to experience a bit more  about  the  UK’s fastest  growing lifestyle  choice.” 

Advance tickets available now. Plant Powered Expo can be followed across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @PlantPoweredXpo.

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