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PIVOT Fitness Solves The Biggest Obstacle to Home Exercise

New British fitness brand PIVOT Fitness® launches an exercise product that solves the fundamental barrier to home workouts: the need for good workout space.

The company has developed the PIVOT® Bed, which in a matter of seconds converts into a home gym.

This clever design lets you pivot the bed up to a locked, stable and self-supporting position and get stuck straight into your workout using pull up and dip bars and a power rack built into the bedframe. Your workout mat and any other equipment are stored in the free space under your bed.

Founder Colin Montgomery was frustrated by his lack of exercise space at home. He tried working out in the sitting room but was always squashed between pieces of furniture, afraid of breaking something.

Meanwhile, his spare room sat empty, apart from the guest bed. He started sketching his idea and, using 3D modeling, he soon had a prototype for the PIVOT Bed.

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“Space in many UK homes is at a premium and is often stated as the biggest hurdle to exercising at home.

The PIVOT® Bed is a groundbreaking addition to this market”, said Colin Montgomery, Founder and CEO of PIVOT Fitness®. “Its convenience, coupled with a state-of-the-art design, means there are no more excuses to skipping a workout.”

Home gym equipment sales in the UK have spiked by 5813% during COVID-19 lockdowns, and by July 2020, gym weights sales surpassed 2019’s total. But with that comes clutter and storage issues.

“We’ve all seen what happens to unused, forgotten exercise equipment in the home. The PIVOT® Bed actually creates more space and eliminates clutter,” said David Middlemiss, Co-Founder of PIVOT Fitness®.

To join PIVOT Fitness® in their efforts to make home workouts accessible to all, back their crowdfunding campaign on between 3rd November 2020 and 11th December 2020.

The PIVOT® Bed currently ships anywhere in the UK, Canada, US, and the EU. 

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