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The Perfect Performance Meals For People Looking To Eat Healthier Whilst Increasing Their Protein Intake

If like me you’re coming out of a winter bulk to now cutting for summer you may or may not be working your cut to calorie ratio.

Also if like me you get caught up in everyday life consuming your time and making things all that bit time-consuming, you may not get the chance to always prep your meals ahead for the week.

Performance Meals.54

It’s with this that I was introduced to Performance Meals.

Performance Meals was founded to create something completely new after being like myself frustrated by nutritionally poor pre-prepared meals available on the market, 

Packed with protein, with no additives or preservatives, the prepared meals have been developed by qualified sports nutritionists in conjunction with leading food technologists to provide nutritionally balanced meals, bursting with flavour, delivered straight to your door.

With anything like these claims, I am always a little skeptical of the claims these kinds of companies make until I put them to the actual test.

Performance Meals.130

My varied selection pack of 7 fantastic High Protein Ready Meals contained 1x Moroccan Style Chicken  1x Peri Peri Chicken 1x Thai Chicken 1x Chicken Jalfrezi 1x American Beef 1x Cajun Beef and 1x Caribbean Pork priced at £29.99.

Performance Meals.40

On the day the box arrived I can safely say it was well packaged with each packet designed to an extremely high standard with all the ingredients and macros broken down as you would expect on the packaging, the only thing that worried me slightly was how the food felt inside the packet but at the end of the day, it’s how it looks and tastes once it comes out of the packet.

The packet does say you can even eat the product on the go without the need for heating, but me being me and a sensitive soul who cannot bear to eat anything that should be hot, cold. 

To be fair to the meals that I had for the 7 days I would say at least 4 tasted like the item described on the packets, the other 3 a little less but at the end of the day for me, they weren’t offensive and are high protein prepared meals with the total calories worked out so as saving me loads of time during my busy lunch schedules. 

The ground-breaking products provide real health benefits to those invested in fitness, sports, and weight management. High protein prepared meals are known to help with weight loss and increase muscle mass, all whilst helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Performance Meals are the perfect solution for people looking to eat healthier whilst increasing their protein intake. They’re also great for people that don’t have time to meal prep in between work and gym sessions. So for me, I highly recommend them and cannot wait to try out the second variation box they have to offer.

So say goodbye to late-night meal prep and simply grab a Performance Meal from your cupboard, warm-up and in only 2 1/2 minutes you will have a tasty high protein meal, perfect for lunch, or after a gruelling workout at the gym.