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Eco-Friendly Facemasks Unveiled Amid Concerns of Single Use Masks on the Environment

Last updated on August 22nd, 2021 at 04:26 PM

Pictures have been shared worldwide demonstrating our fight against COVID-19. Masks, shields and gloves have all been used as symbols to display the hard work being done on a daily basis. But not long before, the globe was facing a whole new crisis – the environmental crisis.

After years of campaigning against single use carrier bags and straws, those items now find themselves as secondary as Brexit, and new research by Ocean View Masks has found that three quarters (74%) of Brits are concerned about the increase of single use masks and what impact that may now have on the environment.

Shockingly, over half of Brits (56%) have reported that they’ve seen single-use masks strewn about in public – whether that’s in rivers, in the street or parks – perhaps a sign of what’s to come once more people return to their daily lives if action is not taken now.

A new mask, however, the VP195, provides a bespoke, anti-epidemic option that utilises Nano Silver technology. Crucially, it is 30 times reusable giving a sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

In our battle against COVID-19 Ocean View Masks has committed to protect the environment but have also pledged to support our NHS front line workers by matching every product purchased with donations to NHS heroes working alongside celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan and his ‘NHS Gift For Heroes’ campaign.

Nicole Macdermott, COO of Ocean View Masks explains “With single use disposable masks being dumped into our ecosystem in their millions, catastrophic ecological ramifications are inevitable unless we start looking for sustainable alternatives.

Ocean View Masks are committed to provide a sustainable solution to disposable face masks with the VP195.

As a Nation we have made huge progress in our fight against single use plastic in recent years. As face masks are now becoming part of our everyday lives and now an essential part of travel it’s important, even in the most challenging of times we continue to move forward.

Ocean View Masks are thrilled to be able to support Adee Phelan’s ‘NHS Gift For Heroes’ campaign, Adee has been a friend for many years and I have witness how he has tirelessly worked throughout this epidemic to bring positivity to our NHS heroes days.

We are proud to commit to matching every purchase made with donations for our front line workers. Protecting our planet, protecting our Heroes”.

Adee Phelan adds ‘After a chance meeting with a NHS worker late one night just as this epidemic was erupting I knew I had to do something to help, and show my appreciation for their heroic efforts.

I’ve been amazed by the scale of generosity over the past few weeks and am blown away that with the support of Ocean View Masks I will now be able to gift reusable masks for these NHS Heroes to ensure they are can travel to and from work with appropriate provision’