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Obesity May Put Young People At Risk Of Anxiety And Depression

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

Over the last few years, the issue of obesity has steadily gained national and international traction. However, along with the physical health issues of obesity, there is also the mental health aspect.

Researchers have continued to study the growing link between mental health and obesity. Over the study of 12,000 children, researchers have found that obesity raises the risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety – a rising threat that researchers have warned against

Research described…

The researchers found a definitive link between obesity and increases in the diagnoses of mental health issues.

Obesity is a growing problem, with reported 35% increase in the number of young adults diagnosed with obesity. Alongside the increase in obesity, comes the unfortunate prevalence of mental health disorders.

How can we help combat this…

Experts have found that children are especially susceptible to developing health issues.

According to leading ThinkWell-LiveWell’s Mick Cassell, an expert therapist and former advertising psychologist, the need and mission to offer personal wellness schemes and treatment programs in an easy accessible way, to prevent long-term suffering is essential.

Mick suggests: “ ThinkWell-LiveWell ( offers a personalised experience for clients through a personalised mindfulness platform. Leading techniques such as cognitive therapy are incredibly beneficial to the individual as they focus on the present and what can be changed now, rather than trying to extract past issues that may have a negative impact.

These experiences allow the individual to change their mind and body through significant processes of change and self-awareness.”

As anyone can develop mental health issues, prevention is a tricky course to implement, as unlike physical diseases, mental health issues cannot always necessarily be linked to genetic DNA codes – situations such as environment or lifestyle can be big contributors towards a diagnosis of mental illness hence the need for more accessible wellness programs like ThinkWell-Live Well.

For treatment on the go…

As well as platforms like ThinkWell-LiveWell, natural remedies can help support mental health. Natures Plus HempCeutix capsules, are designed to contribute to a healthy mind and body balance – essential criterion for sufferers of mental health disorders.

Natures Plus HempCeutix 5 mg capsules (RRP £45.99www.planetorganic.comhelps to contribute to supporting the balance of both mind and body by releasing the full extent of phytocannaboids – the chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant which has steadily been proven to positively aid with mental health issues such as depression.

Through assisting the Endocannabinoid System, these hemp capsules are a great contribution to assisting your body and mind at an optimal rate.

But how does it work?

Phytocannaboids are found primarily in plants such as oregano, rosemary and carrots but the biggest concentration of the compound is found in hemp.

By harvesting hemp, the full force of the phytocannaboids are able to target the Endocannabinoid System allowing the body to balance out its mental and physical systems, optimising the necessary communication pathways needed to function – vital for the body to perform at its peak condition.