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Have You Ever Used CBD On Your Feet? The Secret To Wearing Heels Like Celebs…

By David Saunders, Health Editor | UPDATED: 08:28, 08 July 2020

CBD is one of the hottest wellness ingredients of 2019 and rightly so

Nutritionist Alix Woods working in collaboration with the CBD oil, CannabiGold ( explains “CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties, skin supporting vitamins A, D & E and healing essential fatty acids. With regards to CBD balms and oils, they work directly on an area by lowering inflammation, pain and swelling.”

…But have you ever used CBD on your feet?

Wearing High heels looks great but can also be extremely painful. Especially when you are not used to wearing them. Melissa McCarthy has revealed her shoe hack – she puts CBD oil on her feet in order to last the night in her high heels*. She did this at the last Oscars ceremony and apparently, she is not the only one to do this. Karla Welch, who dresses celebrities such as Ellis Roos and Elisabeth Moss, said that her clients also use CBD to numb pain from high heels on the red carpet.

It’s your turn…

Whether you simply want to last the night in your high heels, or perhaps, your goal is to be the future ‘Devil wears Prada’ at work – Why not try applying the brand new CannabiGold classic 500MG CBD oil (£29.90, directly on your feet.